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New Music Alert: SIK & The Mack Crew

S.I.K And The Mack Krew (not “sick”) is a music group from Columbia, South Carolina, born and raised. S.I.K. stands for Sav (Jonathan Savage), Illy B (A.J. Solone), Katastrophe (Bryant Harley) , and KC from the Block (Keenan Casey). The group met in different grades of school but came together in high school to form their dynamic trio. S.I.K started out with the computer mic in house studio cliché. The group started taking their music career seriously in the year of 2007. Starting out in Quantum Beats, a recording studio in Columbia, SC, S.I.K began learning that they really were started paving their own lane. In 2008 S.I.K. started performing all throughout Columbia and other surrounding areas such as Orangeburg, Florence, and Charleston. In 2009 it was time to graduate from high school, the group made a collective decision to go to school together so they could cover more ground and create a better probability for exposure and opportunity. The group decided to attend Johnson C. Smith University, in Charlotte, North Carolina, due to its location in a growing city.

During their time in Charlotte they have come across opportunities that they are very proud of. They have been featured on Charlottes own WPEG Power 98 as well WGIV 103.3. They have a 5 o’clock radio mix intro for Through the midst of the radio exposure they also entered a Carolina wide competition, Carolina’s Got Talent” held in 2012, the group came in 2nd place in the “ competition. The competition had 70 acts that were hand picked through a try out process. The competition consisted of singers, poets, dancers, and other rappers of all ages and ethnicities.

Through the long years of perfecting the craft of music, the group came to a final project, This Weekend No Chasers. The “This Weekend No Chasers” mixtape was released on the Internet’s #1 source for hip-hop mixtapes, This Weekend No Chasers is hosted by, a popular South Carolina Dj, Dj 864. The mixtape has been in the works for quite some time. Currently S.I.K. is in the process of building their own studio to cut back on recording expenses and out it towards other areas like promotion and equipment. Throughout all the years of being in and out of professional studios they have picked up an ear for a good sounding quality when it comes to their music. Illy B’s familiarity with Sony Acid Pro, from their home studio back in the beginning, led him to believe that all recording software is similar, to an extent, so it shouldn’t be hard to have an understanding or at least be able learn the software quickly.

As a group S.I.K. has a “do it yourself” mentality, so they pride themselves for all the success they have come to. The “Do it yourself” mentality is in reference to how they manage themselves, make their own music videos and 100% of their promotion and business plans. By their research of the music industry, the group is aware that managing themselves can only get them so far. So in the near future they plan to take on other avenues to break in to the industry for example Music Attorneys, agents, or managers.

S.I.K is extremely creative, talented, ambitious, and outgoing. The three of them together have the brainpower of the most brilliant men to ever live. The group loves to credit themselves on the knowledge they have come across because instead of asking around they conduct their own research and manipulate the answers to fit the group’s goal. However, this isn’t by design, S.I.K. has been in a few situations of broken promises, deals going, selling of dreams, etc. Through all the let downs the group came to the single conclusion that they were out here for themselves and under no circumstance were they going to give up.

On the group’s quest to stardom they have created what they like to consider a branch off, due legalities, music group which is the Mack Krew. The Mack Krew has one dedicated artist, Kc From Da Block.

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