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Introducing: Jaz Micael

Singer Jaz Micael who’s also known as a musically inclined, gifted young man, sets the tone for R&B in the roots of his city. With development of tone, volume and consistency, he climbs the ladder to success.

On June 6th, 2014 Jaz Micael released his first ever mixtape entitled “Tha Introduction”, that channels pain, love, fear and heartache. With the subjection of no lane categorized, he vows to be diverse, different and devoted to anything he crafts.

In 2011 Jaz Micael released his first single that surfaced the areas region entitled “Gotta Get Mine “. With great success, and support a fan base started to form immediately. With radio streamed ratings, and a high volumes of radio play he is soaring to be the best.

Born in Southeast, DC Micael moved to Prince Georges County, Maryland at the age of 8, where no R&B artist has yet to make it big in the 21st century. Micael's first found his knack in middle school, being observed by a musical instructor who once informed him of his gift. With not taking his melodic moods seriously, Micael did not venture the realm of music until after high school. With the facing of numerous hardships, he has set out on a journey to express his pain and the philosophical meaning of what R&B means to him. Growing up as a child facing the separation from his mom and not knowing his biological father, Micael copes with his pass struggles through his writings and music.

Jaz Micael's EP is soon to drop and is a musical depiction of his life since his last release from his newest project “Tha Introduction” and December of 2011 “Gotta Get Mine”. It provides people with an insight on a conscious singer’s mind frame. With consistency and constructive guidance his plan is to continue on a path to success.

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