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Trump is in the Lead

Donald Trump right now is getting durable support in the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Most of his campaign rests largely on widespread dissatisfaction with Washington, and has been bolstered by his vocal criticism of the country's immigration policies.

According to,

"A new CNN/ORC Poll finds that just 30% of registered voters nationwide say they feel their views are well represented by the government in Washington, while 40% say they are not represented well at all. That figure spikes among Republican and Republican-leaning voters. Among GOP voters, 53% say they don't feel their views are well represented in Washington at all, nearly double the 27% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who feel the same way."

Currently Trumps poll ratings are quite better than most expected, mainly due to his foot in mouth saying over the past few months. But currently it seems that he is winning America currently. And in terms of money and financial stabilty, he has a pretty good track record.

Only time will tell now if America is really ready to be the new contestants on The Apprentice USA edition LOL!!!

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