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Who is SaVannah you ask. SaVannah is an aspiring singer, dancer, and songwriter. She has been performing in front of her family and friends since she could walk and talk. Her hobby of singing and dancing became more serious around the age of seven. While other kids were playing and enjoying time as a child, SaVannah was working hard to achieve a role that she later booked in Disney's The Lion King as "Young Nala" on Broadway from ages nine to eleven.

After experiencing the thrill of being on stage and performing in front of huge crowds; SaVannah's hard work and determination continued. In the last two years, she has performed in numerous talent shows, festivals, and events. She was just headlining at the legendary Howard Theatre performing her new single "No Shade" (Available on iTunes) as well as her beloved single "Undivided".

You can also hear "No Shade" on WPGC 95.5. OnAugust 7, 2015, SaVannah will be opening up for K. Camp alongside Devin White in the Ohio Music Festival. Follow her on Instagram at iam.savannah to watch her journey, for this is just the beginning.

Social Media:

@Iam.savannah [IG]

@Savannah_v8 [Twitter]