October 6, 2015


"My name is Ciara Boderick aka eyecstyle. I am simply a visionary for others to see their potential and light. I am powerful!! I want to inspires queens and youth around the world."


Media Prince: Your work varies in all areas , does it ever become overwhelming?


EyeCStyle: My work is rewarding. I have the chance to inspire lives everyday including trying to pick my own dreams up off the ground.


MP: How did you come up with your brand EyeCStyle?


ECS: eyeCstyle came about when I wanted to join all my passions together. I love youth and fashion but I also love servicing my community as well.


MP: With empowering both women and men, is it hard watching what areas and boundaries you can cross and cannot cross?


ECS: I only deal with women and I dont think its hard. Queens tell their own story I just assist with pulling it out of them.



MP: Was it ever your intent to be a philanthropist?


ECS: No. I am simply following God's orders.


MP: You have a strong background in education, how important is it to have your education first before anything?


ECS: Education is only important because of the experiences you learn while learning new knowledge. You could apply it to your everyday life to make you successful.


MP: What is your biggest inspiration?


ECS: Seeing Youth smile after the society, bad parenting skills, and the school system told them they wouldnt make it, but they are still pushing forward.


MP: From modeling, to styling, to hair, to empowering youth, to owning a brand, how does Ciara do it all and still manage to execute everyday life?


ECS: I take it day by day. I never really try to focus on me I just try to get all things done. I need it all I want it all. I want the freedom of living and with that goal i must work hard.


MP: With being a Communication Major is it easy to dabble in everything, with your brand EyeCStyle was it your mission to not to limit yourself to only one area?


ECS: Yes, JCSU has taught me to never stick with one area. All areas can make you profit esp when your good at it. Balance your time !!!


MP: How important was it to make sure you gave back with your work?


ECS: We all are here to pull people up.


MP: What is next for Ciara and the EyeCStyle Brand?


ECS: I need to take care of me for a while. I need to get my ducks in a row to start this non profit. I need a clear space to think. Get closer with God for the vision, and start seeking resources to make this happen.


MP: Where do you want to be in the next five years?


ECS: On TOP lol !! No seriously I see myself with youth running around my colorful painted building. I see youth laughing and finding their passion. I see love and peace for me.


MP: How do you want the public to feel after experiencing your brand?


ECS: Like they could conquer the world but dont forget to help someone else while doing so.


Where can people find you and connect with your brand?



@eyecstyle on Instagram

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