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FASHION SPOTLIGHT : Mr. SOC (Splash of Class)

MEDIAPRINCE: How did you begin your journey into fashion?

Mr. SOC: My journey into fashion embarked my Sophomore year in High School. Being an individual and dressing comfortable made me stand out. While I used to wear what I thought was just something simple to express myself, others thought it was cool and different at the time. I then became more confident and thought about how I could possibly make something out of me just being me. I began to brand myself, by wearing bow-ties, further through the year I learned how to make them and from there my brand Splash of Class was created January 2, 2012.

MP: What inspired you to begin your journey into fashion?

SOC: My inspiration truly came from the happiness of being free to express who I am.

What about fashion excites you?

Everything. From editorials all the way to surveying swatches. I love structured fashion items mostly, because of the firm presentation it gives to looks. The list goes on...

MP: What is your current view on the state of fashion?

SOC: The state of fashion is everything currently! I love what is happening in the industry. Everyone’s progressing, new opportunities for fresh minds and faces, new creative directors, etc. It’s going swell for the most part.

MP: What was the first item you remember that triggered your style sense?

SOC: A leather vest that belonged to my grandfather originally, passed down to my older brother, and then eventually given to me. I would wear the item in the most interesting ways possible in high school.

MP: How would describe your Fashion?

SOC: I would describe my fashion sense to minimalistic. I love good vibes and I love for everyone to look good. I’m just overall an optimist when it comes to fashion.

MP: What advice do you give the little girl or boy who wants to follow in your footsteps?

SOC: Never seek competition, because you have none! No one gives what you have to offer like you do! Create a niche, be creative, and study! Study brands, study designs, study clientele, etc.!

MP: What is next for you and your brand?

SOC: My brand is currently in the rise phase, slowly, but surely, approaching the peak! I have a few partnerships happening soon, so that’s very exciting! I’m nurturing my photography skills, by practicing every chance I get. Also, getting ready to purchase all marketing material needed to bring my brand to a full throttle. I give myself until my birthday, May 30 of 2016.

MP: What is the misconception about fashion in your opinion?

SOC: One misconception that is present is that up and coming retailers believe that their social reputation is all that’s needed to run a business. The word clientele and consumers coincide, fyi!

MP: Where can you be found?

SOC: I blog, have an instagram, and have a twitter. I’m known as Mr. SOC, representing Splash of Class.

MP:Are you social? FB? Twitter? IG?

SOC; I’d consider myself social, for the most part. I like to create connections worthwhile.

Twitter: @Mr_SplashOC

IG: @mr.soc

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