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MEDIAPRINCE: When did directing become an option for you?

Honestly, directing was never the option. I really woke up one morning and I was fully of energy so I just started writing , added some structure and format then I had a short film.

MEDIAPRINCE: How intense is it to master the skill of directing?

I feel it's very intense but I honestly take my hat off to YouTube because the tools are right there and also having the support of John Ginyard (Starchill) & KJshotMe it was just easy for them.

MEDIAPRINCE: Would you consider directing your form of art?

My form of art is actually music , I would say directing is just another paint brush within my collection.

MEDIAPRINCE: You capture art everyday, how do you know when you have captured a perfect element?

Energy . Energy tells me that I have the perfect element your mind knows when something is right.

MEDIAPRINCE: What is the biggest misconception about directors?

The biggest misconception for directors is that this task is easy. It's actually hard you wake up everyday with new ideas and have to battle what your mind deals is the norm.

MEDIAPRINCE: How do you keep your brand going?

Staying humble keeps the brand going because you can fall off at any time .

MEDIAPRINCE: What is next for you? The next stop is to work on 2 short films Random , and Malcom Love . Along with the films my artist under 1813 have music they are getting ready to drop.

MEDIAPRINCE: You have a new series coming out correct?

New series will come out November 22, 2015 via YouTube @ 7pm.

MEDIAPRINCE: What can the viewers expect?

Viewers can expect the unexpected . They will grow and love this Allstar cast and realize that each and everyone of them are #SE7EN in there own special way.

MEDIAPRINCE: Are you social? IG? Twitter? FB?

Ig: 1813___

Twitter: 1813___

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