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Name: Marcel Worthington

Age: 21

Artist Name: Celwitdabag

Where He From: DMV (PG/DC to be exact)

How Long I've Been Rappin: 2 years

Projects: 5 mixtapes out on Spinrilla

How Often You Work: 2-3 days a week I be in the studio

How I Get The Name: because of my appearance and music and because I always kept a bag with me

My love for music comes from my dad growing up he played in many of GO-GO bands and shows around the city and his passion for the music made me respect his dream more. Also the late night studio trips with him as a kid helped me play around with different instruments and freestyle and it was fun and every since then I just had this deep passion for music. Since I started actually recording in 2013 I've dropped 5 mixtapes on Spinrilla, in which the first two mixtapes that was released were with a group I started called MCG ( money chasing gang ) to showcase my artist talent and bars. A lot of the music comes from me freestyling and having some one else record it. My other 3 mixtapes are presented as just me with a few appearances from artist I'm close to outside the studio, I try to cover all aspects of the music, meaning versatile like songs for every type of listener. U have music for the ladies, the hustlers, the cool kids, and the youth. Everything I do is self-funded and made off my networking.

Instagram: celwitdabag

Twitter: celwitdabag

Facebook: Celwitdabag Mcg

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/MCGent

Spinrilla: https://spinrilla.com/search?q=CelWitDaBag

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