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Brittney Hart From Forestville MD.; Currently reside in Charlotte NC.; Received Bachelors in Business Management from JCSU; Started Crafty Illusions in July 2015.

-When did you begin in the world of drinks?

Started bartending in clubs in 2010

-What is it that makes a drink taste so good?

The Love and Passion put into them LOL

-What is the biggest misconception about mixologists?

A lot of people don't realize that being a mixologist is a job. It looks fun (which it is) but it is also hard work and time consuming if you have a small business.

-How do you know what to put into your drinks?

Outside of bartending classes/certifications; the many years of experience plays a huge part. You experiment with your drinks and be creative with multiple recipes. Most times I look at traditional recipes for the most common drinks and think of ways to put my own creative twist to them be it add different liquors or juices or fruits. Then there are times where I just start pouring whatever is in front of me and go through the trail and error phases.

-How do you want your drinkers to feel after tasting your drink?

I want them to feel like their drinks were hand crafted in paradise LOL. I want them to feel like theres no other place on the planet to get a drink that taste like Crafty Illusions' drinks and continue to come back for more.

-How much learning goes into making a perfect drink?

My personal opinion is that you don't really "learn" to make the perfect drink. It just comes with experimenting and constantly perfecting your craft.

-What is Crafty Illusions?

Crafty Illusions is a small business that provides mixologist and bartenders to cater/service all type of events such as weddings, birthday parties, reunions, corporate and private events in the DMV area, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.

-What is next for Crafty Illusions?

Crafty Illusions is still in its building stages so for now we are building our clientele and hoping to be present at all future local events.

-How can people get in contact to hire Crafty Illusions for their event?

People can email to place their orders.

-Are you social? FB?Twitter?IG?

We are on IG @Crafty_Illusions and Facebook @BeeHart (Crafty Illusions) website coming soon!

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