December 17, 2015



My name is David Robinson like the basketball player ( the admiral ). They call me "Finesse" in the barbershop. I am a 23 yr old barber from DC, but currently work in Oxon Hill, Md.


When did  you begin barbering?

I began cutting hair when I was about 19 yrs old 


What made you want to begin barbering?

Well actually my father was a Master Barber, and after it was hard to find employment, I decided to follow my fathers footsteps.


What is your view on the current state of barbering?

It is a lot of new barbers taking the game to another level, myself as well. It's all about having imagination.


What is the biggest misconception about barbers?

People see our work as easy, and some even call us lazy.


Would you consider barbering your form of art?

Yes I would consider it a form of art. I am a tonsorial artist. 


People believe that barbering is an easy skill to master, would you say you agree?

It isn't as easy as it seems when you are just beginning. So I would say no it isn't a easy skill to master. But will practice and wanting to excel you will master it.


How long did it take for you to master your skills for barbering?

It took me 2 years to master my skill 


What is a barber in your terms?

Someone who transform and change peoples lives one haircut at a time.


How do you want your clients to feel upon leaving your chair?

If it is a man, my goal is to have every women trying to get his attention. If it is a women, it is getting her to make every women want to cut their hair.


What is next for you?

Well I'm actually currently back working on my music as well. 


How can people become your clients?

Book your appointment @ 202-574-1577


Are you social? FB? IG? Twitter?

IG - @d2themasterbarber 

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