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My name is Kenton Fisher but I go by my industry name of DIDDYHEFNER. I am the Owner/CEO of Live Legendary Management & Consulting. Im fresh in the DMV area looking to make an official print on the industry as the best assistance in artist development, after living in Miami and soaking up all the valuable information possible from major artists, record labels, music executives, and other music/artist managers. It has given me the network to reach anyone that I need to in the entertainment industry.

Live Legendary is a full service management company specializing in the marking and branding of all our clients. Live Legendary offers elite management to our clients, with an unmatched level of personal service. We specialize in the entertainment industry and artistic concepts and production. Live Legendary and its skillful team of advisors expertly manages contract negotiations, marketing, endorsements and public relations. Live Legendary has an amazing network of event promoters around the world to ensure our clients have a realistic ability to brand themselves at all the premiere events.

Live Legendary’s unique approach to representation to ensure a personal and exclusive relationship with our clients. Our focus is on the business and personal aspects of their lives while offering career management and attentiveness to post career challenges. Our goal is to have our clients set up, enjoying and making money in their “LAE” life after entertainment well before their career is ending.

The Live Legendary team works for their clients and is ready to ensure your success and your legendary imprint on the industry.

Our diverse team at Live Legendary is behind you 24/7 - ensuring proper representation at all times. We manage all facets of your career, help shape 
your "life-after" entertainment and assist in the integration when the time comes. We know that hard work, confidence and dedication can overcome most obstacles in life. These are our beliefs and we put forth a full effort in our work. We simply ask the same from our clients as well.


Artist Development

Artist/Brand Revenue

Brand Development


Distribution outlets


Radio play/promotions

Increased project/artist awareness

Access to media outlets/platforms

Music promotion from the best companies in the world who work with MMG, SONY, WARNER BROS, UNIVERSAL, and INTERSCOPE.

Success is our lifestyle!

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