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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Black Tape Series ( @StackzCurry30_ , @TimelessNik, @TimelessMoe)

Meet these three rising brand specialists to my left. I had the pleasure of experiencing their event last night here in the Chocolate City.

At a time where they hinder art and speak on its presence as it is scarce. These three individuals shred light to the city and its creative nature.

The Black Tape Series is one stop all Art extravaganza. It is a space where like minded individuals of the arts can come and network and express their creativity.

"It is a Judgement free zone, we are here to celebrate art of all kinds and show talents here in the city that are not being seen' - Nicole (@timelessnik)

I was able to see some of the dopest artists and performers here in the city. From clothing designers to painters to Dj's to Emcees, the list goes on.

One thing I took away was the genuine connection of art shared in this space and I got to feel the vibe of no cares just creativity and fun.

The Black Tape Series is every other Thursday right here in the city at the Halftime Sports Bar on H Street.

"The idea was to showcase our talent here because we have so much talent but no one sees it, we also are taking control of what great artistry we have here in the city" (@timelessmoe)

The Black Tape Series mission is to showcase all areas of art and doing it in the form of Unity and Respect.

"There is room for everyone, we can all win, I pride myself on team work and standing together. We can all win when we work together and so many doors open when we find the common goal and reach it as a unit." - (Nicole @timelessnik)








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