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MEET Nik Floyd

Meet a rising Star here in the Nations Capital. She was featured last week in part of her work (Black Tape Series) here in the city with her Brand Timeless&Company, an entertainment and management company in Washington DC. I was amazed at her work ethic and wanted to know more and showcase to you exactly who this young lady is.

TMP: For those not educated with what you do here in the city, what areas of artistry do work in here in the city?

NF: As a Public Relations Professional, I wouldn’t restrict myself to one specific area of artistry. My business Partner Lauren Ivey and I are very open to exploring and developing relationships with individuals from a very board range of backgrounds from lifestyle and beauty to Sports entertainment. We try very hard to limit ourselves to one specific category, we pretty much offer our services to anyone looking to develop their brand, expand their fan base and grow their business. In addition we have begun servicing individuals up and down the east coast.

TMP: What made you begin pursing your field?

NF: I Studied Communication with a concentration of Public Relations at Marymount University, and experienced a lot of difficulty breaking into the world of corporate PR upon graduation. My business partner and I have know each other since elementary school and decided to explore the

opportunity of establishing our own boutique consulting firm.

TMP: Does it ever become overwhelming within branding and expanding?

NF: More often than not it becomes extremely overwhelming, PR can be a tricky business. Specifically with the brand development and creating longevity in a person’s product or brand. You really have to be able to find that one, what I

call “catch on element” to peak the public interest.

TMP: In three words how would you sum up yourself?

NF: Three Words Bold, Eager and Unstoppable

TMP: What inspires you?

NF: Making an impact, doing great things for others. Most people want to be remembered, but I want my Work to be remembered. My wildest dreams are to make other peoples wildest dreams come true.

TMP: How do you want people to see your brand?

NF:It is very important that people see my brand as 100% organic. Home Grown. I pride myself on utilizing genuine and ethically sound business practices and doing what is best for my best clients regardless of personal gain.

TMP: What advice do you give the little girl who is watching you and wants to be like you?

NF: Be 100% true to yourself, and don’t ever compromise your character. Never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big, and most importantly arm yourself with aeducation, knowledge with always be your most lethal weapon.

TMP: Do you believe DC/MD/VA holds some of the best talent?

NF:Absolutely, we will all soon see that the DMV will be the next Atlanta, New York, and California for entertainment. We are hiding some of the most talented, creative and ambitious young people in the nation.

TMP: How do you want people to connect with your brand?

NF: I want individuals to connect with my brand through commonality in Layman’s terms, we all out here goal reaching! I’m building for you so I can build for myself.

TMP: How can people contact you?

NF: I can be contacted via email at or

TMP: What is next for you?

NF: In terms of what’s next for me I will continue expanding my PR consulting company, and taking on new clients. In addition I will be looking to expand the Black Tape Series Showcase

TMP: What are you looking forward to the most with your brand?

NF: I am most looking forward to meeting new people and development lasting relationships .

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