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"I go by Naee. Originally from Buffalo,NY but I’ve lived in Charlotte,NC for some years now.

I am a self taught web designer ( that includes coding and graphic design ) and currently attending Aveda

to receive my esthetician license. I love traveling, swimming, writing music, and being around people with good vibes having fun."

TMP: What is modeling and being a model in your definition?

J: I honestly look at modeling as an outlet where I get to express different emotions and I love tapping into different things I’ve been through.

TMP: When did you begin modeling?

J: I actually dipped into modeling back when I was 4 years old. I was also a beauty pageant kid for a few years. In 2008, I picked up modeling again but I wasnt as serious about it because of college life and pursuing other dreams. In 2014 I was encouraged to try it out again and I took some of my first photos with Marcel Anthony. My feedback from my peers, other models, and some well known photographers was really great and so I continued to venture out and learn more about the business.

TMP: What inspired you to begin modeling?

J: I love taking pictures ! A lot of my peers whom also are photographers have asked me before but my mind was focused on other things at the time. I start following two models, Alex Isabella & Kaylah Raquel on tumblr and fell in love with their work. I always say they probably encouraged me to give it a go. There are so many beautiful models in the industry though, I would have to say they all inspire me. They push me to keep working and even stimulate me creatively.. I end up with new ideas and goals.

TMP: What is it about modeling that captured your eye?

J: How you can portray many different type of women, or every part of your personality through art. I also enjoy working with other creatives like the photographers, the make up artists, creative directors and other models.

TMP: Would you consider modeling to be your form of art?

J: It is most definitely an art. Every form of modeling is an art no matter how much people try to down play it.

TMP: What advice do you give the little girl who wants to be in your footsteps?

J: Be patient and figure out the direction you want to go in. Its about quality and not quanity. You do not have to work with everyone who sticks their hand out to work with you and not everyone has your best interest at heart. Ask questions, learn the business as well because its not only about being pretty and posing.

TMP: What models inspire you?

I love Kaylah Raquel. She is so bold and unapologetically sexy. She reminds me of strength.

Then you have Alex Isabella, whom I’ve watched overtime become better and better with her craft. She has her own lane and I love how she always reminds you of her journey finding herself and how to love herself unconditionally. You can see it in her photos.

Char or Love.Char.. is amazing. She is hot! I just begun really following her work a few months ago but im addicted.

just to keep it short I have to say Chynna Mayberry is absolutely amazing as well and goofy esp. on snapchat. All of these ladies have personality and great work. They are versatile, goofy, hard working, motivators, and they keep you wanting more. They encourage me to keep going.

TMP: What is next for you?

J: I currently launched my blog with one of my close friends as my partner. I’ve been focusing on that as well as finding the right way, and my way, to better my brand. I also plan on working on many different projects, including some great events and collaborations. Also expect more versatile work in my portfolio, Urban Modeling was just a gateway, theres more to come!

TMP: How can people book you?

J: Contact me by email :

TMP: Are you social? FB? IG? Twitter?

J: Yes, facebook is Pretty Naee .. IG @__prettynaee .. twitter @__prettynaee.. and snapchat is prettyynaee. Not too hard to find me. Also check out my website members only section coming soon! And of course I have to plug my blog which you can also follow on IG: @notenoughcoffee_

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