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Public Relations Spotlight: Just1 PR

TMP: When did you begin in the field of PR?

J1: I started back in 2013, but before that I was actually doing marketing and promotion prior.

TMP: What inspired you to pursue Public Relations?

J1: The culture, the work and the ever changing environment.

TMP: What elements do you look for when it comes to creating a brand for someone?

J1: Well it all depends on the client.. some I might find their voices, some their ability to captivate a crowd. For me it all depends really.. each person and brand are unique.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of branding, PR, and marketing?

J1: I think it’s Great, it’s so much other platforms to use to get your message across and social media is making it even easier and faster to grow and get recognized .

TMP: How important is it to know how to write in the field of PR?

J1: Oh it’s Very Important! Being able to put together a great content, press releases, just to name a few are very important.

TMP: How do you keep yourself on your toes in this field?

J1: The Work, My Passion especially keeps me on my toes and with God’s Grace..

TMP: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

J1: Never ever Give up and always Dream Bigger! If this is your dream and passion, go for it.. it doesn’t matter how slow you start, if you don’t know anyone, if you don’t have any connects, if you have no clients… just go for it.. You’re hard work will pay off in due time.. just remember success doesn’t come over night, it takes hard work and perseverance.

TMP: How do you want your clients to feel after doing business with you?

J1: I always want them to feel Great.

I want them to feel and know that someone understand and sees their vision / dreams from their view.

TMP: What do you look for in a client when it comes to creating their brand?

J1: I look for Personality, style, character.. you know all clients are different so you have to pin point that one thing that makes that particular client stand out from the rest and build around it.

TMP: Would you consider PR an art?

J1: Indeed- it’s an Art of its own. You’re constantly Changing, creating, recreating images and brands plus many other things in-between.. that’s Serious Art.

TMP: What is next for you?

J1: I have a few projects coming up, but mainly is to continue to Grow and bring awareness to my clients Brand.

TMP: Who currently inspires you in the industry?

J1: It’s Bunch.. I don’t have one person that I look at because every individual present something different to the table.. so get my inspiration from several vs. one..

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about Public Relations?

J1: The biggest is that we can make you Famous! People always think with a Public Relation you should get them on TV and radio station.. etc.. NO that’s far from the truth!

TMP: Where can you be found and how can people become clients of yours?

J1: I can be found on all social media and Website

TMP: are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

J1: I sure ‘am.. I actually have two pages one personal and one my company.

But as a true professional, I give my company information always. if you really have to find me personally you can find me on their as well

IG: Just1PR

Twitter: Just1PR

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