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“The Realist” is how DC rapper Trilla B describes herself. Is she sure to be a key competitor in the game? Absolutely. Trilla recently entered the DMV music scene, and has already taken major strides towards success.

" I used to write poetry growing up; my mother assumed I’d grow up to be a writer of some sort. When I discovered my talent for singing at a young age, the two merged almost instantaneously. It wasn’t until middle school when I began listening to more hiphop and rap music that I began writing rhymes. Over the years I found myself in all sorts of artistic avenues from theater to piano to dance. However, none of them could compete with the special feeling I had when it came to rap music. For years I’d recorded from my laptop for fun, with dreams of one day making music a career. In 2015 I began my official journey as Trilla B, rap artist. It’s only the beginning, and the journey is full of long days, longer nights, ups and downs, excitement, and surprises, but nonetheless, it’s my chosen path in life and I plan to fulfill it to the fullest."

"Personally, I’m indifferent about the term. I don’t care much if I’m considered a “female rapper,” but I can understand how some women can feel a certain type of way about it. It’s a double conscious mind state that shouldn’t really be there, though it is. Either way, when you make it big, and someone looks your name up on google, your description won’t have female in front of it. Sometimes you gotta let the petty stuff ride."

Locally, I’d love to work with Lady Dame, Runway Zae, Goldlink, I could actually list quite a few artists. I’m open to work with anyone who’s open to work with me. I just love to create. I really love the Savage Sisters down in Miami – they’re dope. And 3’d Natee in New Orleans. Jeremih, he’s a beast at writing hits. MISSY of course. I would die if Kanye produced a track for me. And Maroon 5; I live for Adam Levine’s voice.

Currently, I’m getting things in order for a small project: Militia Muzik I. It’s gonna be a collection of remixes to some of the hottest records of the year. Expect it to be lit! I’m focused on circulating my mixtape that’s already released (Heir to the Throne) and just feeding more of Trilla to the people. I’m definitely getting more involved in the community and giving my time and commitment to helping

" I’m heavily inspired by Missy Elliot. Not just because of our similarities, but because she’s a fire artist, businesswoman, and has this energy that you can’t find anywhere else. Missy has been a mastermind behind so many projects and superstars in music, on top of she herself being a superstar and amazing artist. I really look up to her, and I like to say that one day I’ll follow in her footsteps."

People can contact me via Management (Sabrina Gantt –

They can visit the website, or any of my social media

(my contact information can be found on my page as well)

Ig: @Trilla202

Twitter: @ratedtfortrilla

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