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Joel Barkers, 6'6 Small forward from Washington D.C - University of Hartford / Central Missouri St

TMP: When did you begin playing Basketball? -

JB: I began playing Basketball in 4th grade! Before basketball I Was really into Soccer. My father was a pro soccer player in Europe

TMP: What about Basketball attracted you? JB: What attracted me first is that I was really tall and athletic so my guidance counselor suggested I give it a try! I fell I love with the sport instantly

TMP: What is it about Basketball that keeps you thrilled?

JB: What keeps me thrilled about the game is that basketball is a game you can never Perfect! You alway have the ability to grow and get better in the sport! It's a never ending cycle. I also love to compete!

TMP: How do you prepare for a game?-

JB: I normally approach games the same way I approach going to play with my friends! Just remember to have fun! I talk a lot of smack and compete

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about Basketball?-

JB: the biggest misconception is the LIFESTYLE! It's not what everyone thinks it is! It's a grind behind closed doors

TMP: What is your view on the current state of Basketball? -

JB: I love the state of where the game is headed ... I feel like the game today has all around players!

TMP: Would you consider Basketball to be your form of art?-

JB: yes! Since 4th grade it's all I've done I went to college for free and traveled the world.. I got to experience the NBA/Overseas which every Hooper grows up dreaming of!

TMP: Would you say that Basketball is an outlet to get out any stress?-

JB: yes I would say so. Basketball has always been my outlet. When I'm playing that's all that's on my mind is having fun and competing, all my real life issues are forgotten! 

TMP: How do you keep yourself on your toes when it comes to the sport?- 

JB: I Am constantly trying to learn and get better! I watch other players and see what I can add to my game to make me a much better player!

TMP: What inspires you to keep going?-

JB: The love... I really love and Enjoy playing basketball more than anything! It's a fascinating game!

TMP: How important is it to leave your heart on the floor and give it your all in a game?- JB: it's Very import to give it your all! You never know when it's going to be your last time on the floor! It can all be taken away at the blink of an eye!

TMP: What advice do you have for the little boy who is watching and wants to follow in your footsteps? - 

JB: if you love the game give it your all... Don't do it for the money or the life! Do it for the love if you grind now you can shine later! All that stuff will come with the grind!

TMP: What is next for you?- 

JB: Hopefully I get another chance at the DLeague or Overseas! I have a lot left in the tank... I have been injured a lot, so a lot of people have counted me out, but I believe in Myself! I Know I can play at the Highest level!

TMP: Are you social? IG? FB? Twitter? 

JB: Yes you can reach me at Big_Ticket_5

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