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Artist: JD The Junior Birthplace: Washington DC

Hometown: PG County, Maryland

Company: Jet Major Entertainment LLC. (@JetMajorEnt)

Born and raised in Maryland and the DMV area, JD The Junior, (JD The JR Or JD For Short) brings his creative, lyrical, versatile and moving taste of music to the Hip-Hop industry and the people of the Maryland and DC area. He combines his own musical genius with the stories of his own life and taste behind all of his work. JD has been writing poetry and found his new love in writing music at the age of 12. He didn't pursue his dream of a music career until February 12th, 2012 (His Birthday).

Releasing a number of projects JD The Junior continues to learn and perfect his craft in music. He plans to release some of the hottest music in the DMV while also making a big name for himself. JD not only plans to make great local music but to possible make a worldwide, global name for himself and his company Jet Major Entertainment (@JetMajorEnt). Bringing together a movement of artists or musical people to create great music for people to hear.

JD The Junior released “Street Classic Music: The Album” (Datpiff) and “Street Class Intermission” (LiveMixtapes) with DJ Junior (BrickSquad 1017) and DJ Infamous VA back In Spring/Summer of 2012. Both of these guys are recognizable DJ’s in the DMV area and mix tape circuit. After positive feedback and results from their previous effort, JD The Junior would then go on to release Part 1 of his current #DMV series; his breakout mix tape “DMV: Dreams, Motivation, Victory”.

“DMV” Is One Of JD The Junior’s biggest releases in his rising music career; Follow by his current CD DMV2: Dreams, Motivation, Victory 2 and now #DMV3: Dreams, Motivation, Victory 3 set to release Christmas 2014! The tape series features a few known DMV artists such as Top Dolla Sweizy, Now Lightshow (Hit My Jack #DMV3), Merlin Miles and more. JD The Junior plans to continue working with these big names and bring talent, music and sound to his possible new label/company Jet Major Entertainment.

Social Media

Twitter: @_JDTheJunior_ & @JetMajorEnt Instagram: _JDTheJunior_ & JetMajorEnt

Facebook: Johnny Jetz Spacely

Reverbnation: JD The Junior

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