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I’ll never forget the day my 6th grade TV Production teacher told my mother he had decided to hold me back in his class. Everything seemed to be going fine but I just couldn’t comprehend why he would want to hold me back to repeat his class, while everyone else was able to progress. Come to find out, it was the exact opposite!

He told my mother, “Francesca is an exceptional student, she is a natural on camera and with your permission I would like to keep her in my class so she can continue on to the advanced TV production class by the time she is ready to leave middle school.” My mom instantly let out a sigh of relief and smiled. What an amazing feeling it was to advance and grow to become the lead broadcaster for the school news channel at the tender age of 12. I never realized I had such a gift, and from that moment on, my passion for the entertainment industry blossomed! "

"Once I graduated from high school I was accepted into the John H. Johnson School of Communications at Howard University where I majored in Broadcast Journalism. I was running for Miss DC USA and would frequently fly from Washington DC to Los Angeles for hosting and acting opportunities. I began submitting to online auditions and was accepted as a client to Abrams Artists Talent Agency. From there, I decided to make the decision to move to Los Angeles where my career in hosting/acting could truly blossom."

As soon as I moved I booked my first gig! I was the host of the 2009 BET Awards gifting suite along with the American Music Awards gifting suite. In addition I’ve had the opportunity to co-star on a few television shows such as Nickelodeons’ iCarly and Big Time Rush. I was also an actress in several commercial campaigns including, Samsung, Slacker Radio and McDonalds.

My combined experiences of acting, hosting, and philanthropy have truly motivated me to finish my degree in journalism as I’m currently taking classes at UCLA. I yearn for knowledge, not only for my career growth, but also for my personal growth. In this competitive industry education combined with experience is definitely a plus!

As I continue to purse my career in the entertainment industry as an entertainment journalist I’ve began

producing 3 segments, which I write, produce, and edit: On The Rise featuring up-and coming talent where I follow them for the day, One Minute Pop Culture where I speak about a trending or interesting story all in one minute, and Francesca’s Random Tips where I share some tips from my personal struggles and triumphs. I also love sharing my red carpet experiences on YouTube as well such as the 2016 Grammy’s and the 37th College Television Awards.

I look forward to sharing with the world my passion for philanthropy, the entertainment industry, and love for being on camera sharing these amazing stories and meeting great people.

All of my social media handles are @Francesca_Now. I can’t wait to see you guys there!

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