COMEDIAN SPOTLIGHT: Stamaur Mitchell a.k.a. "AYYE PAP"

December 30, 2016


Stamaur mitchell a.k.a. Ayye Pap. 23 year old comedian out of Capitol Heights, MD. Started doing comedy in 2013. Vine is the reason I started to do comedy. I've always been a funny person and was able to make people laugh, but once I realize I could make people laugh thru a video, I decided to take it a bit more serious. Had my first open mic standup at the Big Hunt in Washington, DC. Very nerve racking but I performed very well for my first time.



Have performed at many other venues including Potomac College and The Baltimore Comedy Factory. As you know I am also a very well known internet comedian in the DMV area as well, but my videos has even touched in various other states and even in the U.K. My dream is to become a famous actor so that one day people can recite my lines from movies. With a little more time, practice, and patience, I'm sure my goals will get accomplished.





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