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Philanthropy Spotlight: Justyn Iman

Justyn Roy, the CEO of Laces to Bows, is a native of Washington, DC. At the tender age of 17, Justyn took all of her trials and tribulations, believed in herself and created the blue print for Laces to Bows. As a teenager, Ms. Roy suffered more than enough challenging moments. Instead of cheering for a local team, or hanging out with friends, Justyn was battling low self-esteem, and looking for love in hopeless places. Her insecurities led her to stealing, smoking weed, and living in her car for over a year. As time went on Justyn realized enough was enough and decided to turn to an old high school teacher for mentorship. Her teacher believed in her and gave her the second chance she needed. Instead of using hardship as a crutch, Justyn used it as motivation to give back to the community. Since Laces to Bows began, Justyn has made strives to make an impact in her community and plans to never look back. In 2014, Justyn made huge accomplishments that showed her that the mess she had to ensure was a message for somebody else. In this time frame, Justyn hosted a mentoring session and paid for 400+ girls to get their hair and nails done. Also, in that same year, she sponsored a family for the holidays and paid their monthly bills. In 2015, Justyn hosted a spa day and brunch in Baltimore, bought Yandy Smith, Love & Hip Hop TV star, to speak to the kids, and there were giveaways. In 2016, Justyn hosted an 8-week boot camp, and a back to school event with Downtown Locker Room sponsoring over 350+ kids with back packs, shoes, clothes, hair dyes for the young ladies and free hair cuts for The gentlemen. To kick off 2017, Justyn hosted another 8-week camp offering cooking classes, sewing classes, Etiquette 101, and daily mentoring sessions covering confidence, determination, saving, relationships with parents and much more. Justyn has plans to work in the community and help as many young women as she can. In her 22 years of life, Justyn has not let neglect, molestation, or lack of love and support defeat her. She strives to be the love and support that every girl she meets need.

Laces to Bows is a mentoring program that provides pre-teens and teenage girls motivation and inspiration as they journey through life. As a member, you will become a part of a network that is dedicated to the empowerment of young women. In today’s culture, there are many issues that have potential to damage women emotionally, mentally, and figuratively. As the CEO of Laces to Bows, I will like to put focus where I can assist with breaking barriers of poverty, lack of education, adolescents living in shelters, health issues, and nutrition and family services. To complete this mission I plan to work with donors, corporate leaders, and volunteers to transform Laces to Bows and the lives we touch. I made a promise to myself and my business to effect fundamental economic and social change

TMP: Your work varies in all areas , does it ever become overwhelming?

JI: My work does vary in many areas fortunately it does not overwhelm me At all! I am addicted to this! my business is not just business it's therapy and the best form of love I receive daily.

TMP: How did you come up with your brand Laces To Bows?

JI: Laces to bows was definitely a spirit of the moment thing. I am a super creative, and super complex. Laces to bows "teaching young girls the proper way to lace and tie the bows of their lives" EMPOWER INSPIRE EVOLVE. I took all my negatives and pushed them into positives that's LACES TO BOWS!

TMP: With empowering women , is it hard watching what areas and boundaries you can cross and cannot cross?

JI: Not at all there is no boundary I cannot cross.

TMP: What is your biggest inspiration?

JI: My biggest inspiration I can only find when I dream. What I have planned for myself, for laces to bows and for the world is what inspires me.

TMP: How important was it to make sure you gave back with your work?

JI: The foundation of my business is Giving back. The importance is in the mission. It's number one on my list.

TMP: What is next for Justin Roy & Laces To Bows?

JI: Everything.

TMP: Where do you want to be in the next five years?

JI: The next five years I see myself doing motivational speaking all over every state and out of the country. On tv networks and talk shows maybe even having my own talk show. Centers for the youth all over the world bigger than boys and girls club (no shade) but it's all coming.

TMP: How do you want the public to feel after experiencing your brand?

JI: After experiencing laces to bows I want people to feel loved, understood, important and appreciated.

TMP: Are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

JI: My website is currently being constructed for the time being please check me out on Instagram and Facebook @JustynImanOr email me

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