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TMP: What type of music attracts you?

Z: The NeoSoul movement is my favorite type of music. It keeps me at ease throughout the day. Artist like Kaytranada, Nao, and Anderson Paak make my world go round.

TMP: What inspired you to join the world of music?

Z: All of my friends in college were music people so I was surrounded by instrumentalist and MCs. I think it was God's way to show me what I was destined to do. It was second nature to turn to music.

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about DJ's?

Z: That everyone can be a DJ. Not everyone can DJ but there are a lot of people out there that think that DJing is about playing songs like a Apple music playlist. In all actuality, DJing is about feelings and vibrations. As a DJ, the goal is to control everyone and make them have a good time. This is only possible with smooth transitions and keeping the groove going.

TMP: How do keep yourself outside the box?

Z: I think of the way I DJ as new school. I love to flip flop genres and mix/blend songs that people wouldn't normally do. The reactions from people when I transition from one genre to the next is priceless.

TMP: What advice would you give the younger boy or girl who is watching and wants to do what you do?

Z: If you want to do it, do it. Do not let these people out here stifle your dreams into conformity. Be who you want to be because that is your destiny.

TMP: What inspires you?

The music inspires me. Ever since I started DJing, I can't help but hear a song and try to figure out what song would mix/blend well with it. I crave that feeling of the perfect transition.

What else can we expect from the your brand next? Well, I will be moving to California soon and I intend to branch into producing so maybe you will see me producing for some of the major artists. DJing wise I will be perfecting my craft and soon enough will have my own music festival.

TMP: How can people book you?

Z: They can contact me through email or DM on my social media.

TMP: Are you social? FB? Twitter? IG?

Z: Facebook I don't really use, but on Twitter, IG, and SnapChat I can be found at @damnzum

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