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In the rap game every now and then there comes an artist who personifies the struggle of the streets. There is a new NOW upon us, his name is Eezy Money.

Hailing from the nation’s capital, there are very few who exude DC’s true identity as authentically as Eezy Money.Growing up in Northeast, Washington, DC as a youth Eezy was a prominent figure both in school and the sports world of the DMV. He even graduated High School at the age of 16.

As an artist there are many facets to Eezy Money’s talent. He understands how to stay true to his artistic roots, yet cater to those who he is supplying. As said by Eezy “I’m a hustler at the end of the day. So if they love, I supply it”

Eezy Money has performed throughout the East Coast, and his name has held its respect in the DMV even through two separate stints in prison.

Eezy has played an essential part in the transformation of the music scene in the DMV. As the feature artist of indie label KeepLock Entertainment.

He has been featured in some capacity on sites such as


In 2009 Eezy took Washington, DC’s airwaves by storm with a remix of Jay-z and Alicia Keys’ NY anthem “Empire State Of Mind”, his Version “Capital Conscience” depicts DC in its entirety, paying homage to the city that made him

Eezy Money looks as if he’ll be the next to impact the game by being himself. No gimmicks, no made-up image, no trend following. Just a real artist, who happens to be a real person, with a real story. Don’t just listen to the music, take the journey with him as you learn about the past journey that lead to the one we will all share with Eezy Money.

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