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#TMPCHECKOUT: GoldLink 'We Are The Flowers In Your Dustbin'

When 'The God Complex' bubbled up in 2014 it was pretty obvious that GoldLink was gonna make a mark on hip-hop. Twelve months later, along with Fetty Wap and Vince Staples, he popped up on XXL's Freshman Class list and the buzz was on. Now he's clocking critical acclaim, and pleasing a quickly-growing audience with tracks such as ""Dance On Me,"" ""Fall In Love,"" and ""Crew."" D'Anthony Carlos came up in the DMV, moving from DC to Maryland to Virginia and back as a kid. The percussion grooves of the District's classic go-go music were often in the air when he was growing up, and the 23-year-old's current records have a deep rhythmic thrust as well as a yen for experimental sampling. Because his rhymes speak to the social and political culture that surrounds him, we headed to DC to make a portrait that marks some of his day-to-day inspirations. 'We Are The Flowers in Your Dustbin' catches the MC at home, with his squad, and candidly explaining how he got to where he is right now. Producer: Jayson Rodriguez Editor: Kevin Rose GoldLink on Vevo - GoldLink:

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