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A Question of Faith, I must say is a phenomenal movie that takes you on a journey of discovering ones pure faith in the hardest, most darkest times. I was able to capture not only the movie, but the cast as a whole during the ATL movie premiere this past Monday and I was beyond impressed and honored to be in the presence of such amazing actors and actresses who are dedicated to their craft.

The red carpet went off without a hitch and everyone looked beyond immaculate, take a look below:

The movie itself focuses on 3 families tested beyond measures of their faith. The movie has an ensemble cast

  • Richard T. Jones as David Newman

  • Kim Fields as Theresa Newman

  • C. Thomas Howell as John Danielson

  • Renée O'Connor as Mary Danielson

  • Gregory Alan Williams as Farnsworth Newman

  • T.C. Stallings as Cecil King

  • Jaci Velasquez as Kate Hernandez

  • Amber Thompson as Michelle Danielson

  • Karen Valero as Maria Hernandez

  • Donna Biscoe as Patricia Newman

  • Maiya Boyd as Eric's School Friend

  • Stephanie Wilkinson as Dr. Timmons

  • Kenneth Israel as Dr. Moore

  • Marliss Amiea as Lisa Pearl

  • James Hooper as Junior Newman

  • Thom Scott II as Jordan Mayberry

  • Caleb T. Thomas as Eric Newman

I watched the movie in pure joy as I put myself into the shoes of these families and understood the balance of understanding your faith and your way of making it out!!! The premiere in ATL was fantastic and was so packed we needed two theaters to show the movie, and come to find out A Question of Faith broke history being one of the first fully packed premieres in the Regal Theater, job well done.

I was able to interview the cast and crew of the movie with a simple question : WHAT IS FAITH TO YOU???

I would highly suggest everyone go and see this movie, families, children, adults, the message behind this movie was so gratifying in knowing ones faith can get them through anything and its in your worst times where you faith does amazing things.

I want to thank Media Personality and Influencer Jawn Murray and Author and Entrepreneur Isiah D. Tatum for the opportunity!

RATING: 10/10

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