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EVENT REVIEW: The Social Responsibility (A Congressional Black Caucus Week Conversation)

The Social Responsibility, three words with so much meaning and so much room for open dialogue and that is exactly what this was. An open forum dedicated to tackling the real issues of today and the social responsibility we have as new age millennials to make sure we are aware and sharing the knowledge to others.

Held at the newest craved attraction Red Rocks on H street during Congressional Black Caucus Week, this event catered to the entrepreneurs of the future, a place where we could all connect as one and get clarity on many issues that we all face and do not have real conversations on or about.

Hosted by the beautiful and multi talented Krystal Glass (Blogger, Host, Brand Ambassador, & Philanthropist) we got to learn more about her brand and understanding how important this forum was for not only her, but for us as leading professionals and to be honest, this may have just been one of the best forums I have been to in a long time. So much knowledge, so much advice, so many ideas, so much wokeness; it was unbelieveable that this magnitude of intelligence was all in one room, experiencing and feeling my same exact issues.

Featured Panel guests consisted of :

  • Jonathan King (Creator of Not Your Typical Homecoming and Co-Founder of Black Alumni Networking Expo)

  • Jide Ehimika (Co-Founder/COO NoirBNB)

The event brought out some of the most amazing talents and business owners of the DMV and we spoke on issues such as; race, politics, work environments, family, health, financial issues, country issues, our President, the list goes on. The common ground was that we all felt the same way or we all opened our minds to a new way of seeing a situation. I felt honestly at home, I felt my voice being heard and I felt creativity happening before my eyes as other ideas were shared and examples were made.

The panel was phenomenal and it was very intimate and they did not try to pretend that they were above anyone or anybody, they came close, they asked questions and they kept it 100% real on everything which allowed for everyone to feel at ease.

The Social Responsibility was just that, understanding how to be socially responsible and taking the necessary steps to understand what is happening around you and how it affects you, and how you react and influence others.

This event in all was a huge success. It was an amazing turnout with a great new pool of entreprenuers that can come together and express their creative being.

RATING: 10/10

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