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How could I sum up this experience in one word...................Unforgettable!!!!! This event was one for the books, curated and driven by Media Mogul and Lifestyle Cultivator Anwaa Kong, this event was one not to miss and if you did miss out, clearly you were not invited or stuck under a ROCK!

The event entitled H.O.M.E By Martell signifies the creative and distinctive lifestyle of those exemplifying socialites around the country who match up to the meaning of the beloved cognac brand Martell.

Martell being such an amazing Cognac, the taste is so smooth and the brand itself speaks to the everyday entrepreneur who is defining the lines of staying swift and building a global brand.

I had the pleasure of being invited by Anwaa Kong , creator of DCWKLY and brand ambassador for Martell. It just so happened that this too was a night a celebration for another year of living for Mr. Kong who has been motivating and pushing the envelope in the entrepreneurship world and putting brands on bigger platforms to shine.

From the drinks to the location, the event gave for amazing vibes. All the whose whos of DMV Social life here in the city were in attendance as everyone came together for a night of great fun, great music, great food and last but not least GREAT DRINKS!!!

Yes Martell was served all night, from the house mix that was passed around through the crowd to the amazing bar tenders who created their own unique twists to this amazing cognac. All I will say is I enjoyed each creation and I must stamp that Martell is quite smooth and very refreshing.

Did I forget to mention the music, well the night started with the vibes of DJ Ice Cream hailing from across the pond and ended with Titan Award Winning DJ , DJ Stevo closing the night out.

What more could you ask for from an event that made you feel so exclusive and so royal. The experience was like no other and I found myself more in awe to capture the art of the night then living the art of the night. If you have an opportunity to experience a future event I would definitely recommend it, it is something of the upper echelon. HOME by Martell to me was an experience to bond and network with our great tastemakers all in one room for one purpose to move and thrive swiftly.

RATING: 10/10

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