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NEW VIDEO ALERT: YannaMaria "Candy Crush"

YannaMaria Despite being barely in her 20s, newcomer YannaMaria is armed with a lifetime of music business knowledge. Add that to her undeniable vocal ability, clear star power and the ability to capture her fresh outlook online through lyrics, and it’s no wonder that she quickly established herself as one to watch with the release of a handful of buzz building singles in 2016. Now, with the release of her latest single, the cleverly crafted “Candy Crush,” and a new album on the way, YannaMaria is poised to become a voice for a new generation of bold, savvy young women everywhere.

YannaMaria ’s love for music was obvious to her parents at a very early age. “I was always one of those kids singing in the mirror, pretending I was giving the concert of my life in front of an audience,” she recalls. Before long, with her family’s support, the Baltimore native took her talents from school talent shows, to national singing competitions to even the Carnegie Hall Stage. All before she graduated from high school. While honing her skills, YannaMaria also nurtured her musical versatility, drawing inspiration from influences ranging from Beyonce to Beiber to Broadway. Recognizing the drive and dedication needed to take her talent to the next level, her father, former Def Jam exec Tony Austin set out to bring together the perfect team to bring YannaMaria ’s dream to fruition.

At the center of that team is producer Darryl Pearson, whose resume includes work alongside Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Drake. Together, Pearson and YannaMaria have developed a style that captures the raw essence of Baltimore’s soul with her spunky attitude, crafting songs that breathe new life into classic R&B themes. “Yanna is just extraordinary,” Pearson says. “We’ve both been putting our heart and soul into the music, and she has proven how talented she really is. I’ve seen a lot of young artists in the beginning of their careers and I think Yanna is about to create history.”

In 2016, YannaMaria and the Austin Music Group premiered a handful of songs online. The songs, ranging from the romantic, mid-tempo “If I Ever” to the fiesty, Hip-Hop influenced “Lie Like A Rug” displayed not only her amazing vocal range, but also her ability to infuse each lyric with boundless personality. In late summer 2017, YannaMaria released her first official single “Candy Crush,” which garnered an impressive 15,000 streams on Soundcloud in just one month. Over a sweet, piano driven melody, the song finds YannaMaria dismissing potential suitors just as sweetly, making it clear that boys are not the focus. The song perfectly embodies all that YannaMaria is: driven, talented and full of life; and poised to be the next artist YannaMaria whose ability to capture emotion through sound is certain to create lasting memories for audiences worldwide.

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