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FEATURED SPOTLIGHT: Martin Luther King Jr.

I always wondered how would it be if I had the chance to interview Martin Luther King Jr.  It is this day I wanted to first say I am thankful for Martin Luther King Jr for his monumental and triumphant stance on issues that have become so relevant in today's times. Today I stand here living my dream, a dream that would have never been thought possible if it wasn't for this man Martin Luther King Jr., so today I am saluting you MLK for everything you've done for not only those that were behind me but those that are in front of me "Happy Martin Luther King Day" 

And today I will be writing a letter To Mr. Martin Luther King Jr expressing my interest of featuring his artistry on I hope he answers:

Good Morning, is interested in obtaining an exclusive one on one interview with Civil Rights Activist and Renowned Leader Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, DC area. is a site dedicated to showcasing art of all facets. With over 4 Million hits to date on our website in over 25 countries with a following of over 170K. We believe this would be a great opportunity for our worldwide fan base to experience. The Media Prince believes Martin Luther King is such a phenomenal and magnificent being, whose words and giving hand have touched so many and has blessed thousands across the nation to strive forward and to push ahead while keeping a strong faith. It would truly be an honor to interview Martin Luther King Jr and showcase the greatness of his artistry to our millions of fans worldwide. We look forward to hearing from you and also looking forward to covering and showcasing MLK at his best & greatest. Below are the links to better display the work of The Media Prince. 

I believe this is how the letter will go if I had the opportunity to reach out to him I got only think of what questions I will ask like what's your key to success, what keeps you going ,how do you stand tall in such diminish, how do you keep your eyes on the prize, what burdens do you go through being the chosen one, what do you say to that person that has given they're all and they are ready to throw in the towel. I thank you for allowing a brother like me, a STRONG BLACK KING like me a chance to show my BLACK privilege and what it truly is to be #BlackExcellence. 

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