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I had the pleasure of attending this year's MADE CONFERENCE presented by MadeInTheDMV and I have to say it was a great feeling to be apart of something that helps the lives of so many artist here in the DMV.

The event was held at The Dream Center here in Southeast, Washington DC to a pack crowd which filled up The entire Dream Center.

The event had all the whose who's in one room from Lightshow to Stokey to Trayon White to Will Tha Rapper, all here to bring awareness on the art life of the city.

The premise of the event in my eyes was to inform the next generation on the fundamental tools that will get their career in gear and to the next level.

I had the honor of just being a fly on the wall and getting to capture the entire event and appreciating what it is this conference is doing for the culture and that is moving it forward. Whether it be a musician, artist, poet, designer, publicist or manager, you left with a sense of understanding and knowledge of the business that many of us are trying so hard to break in.

Many panels were conducted during the conference and were geared to not only give you insight, but to provide facts on what it is and what it is not. Few Panels consisted of things like; Monetizing with Google, Breaking The DMV, Behind the Beat, etc.

All in all the event was a huge success and a great networking piece to get your talent out to those who are making it happen here and around the country. Big ups to MadeInTheDMV for recognizing the gap between artists and those key players who can help get those same artists to the next level.

RATING: 10/10

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