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#TMPCHECKOUT: MONSE Fall/Winter 2018 l Full Feature (Starring Nicki Minaj & Erin Wasson)

#Monse collaborates with #NickiMinaj and #ErinWasson to debut the Fall/Winter 2018 collection. With the help of Fabien Constant (director) and Sebastien Perrin (composer), we were able to capture our favorite #monsegirl, Erin Wasson, as she plays a working woman on her way home from a long day of work. We used the iconic Coney Island for our location, as it presented the perfect balance between nostalgia and fun. When we shared the concept with Nicki Minaj and asked her to be involved, she felt inspired to write a narrative of a woman, who after a bad day, was able to collect herself and triumph through it... something that must have rung true for the housewives of that era. Model: Erin Wasson Narration Written By: Nicki Minaj Director: Fabien Constant Music Composer: Sebastien Perrin Stylist: Natasha Royt Hair: Michael Silva for Cutler at the