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EVENT REVIEW: Love Dish Season 2 Watch Party

February 13 , how to sum this day up in two words........ Freaking Awesome!

I had the wonderful opportunity to not only guest star in this current season, but I was afforded the opportunity to host the watch party, which I must say was star studded.

Held at the great attraction Rose's DejaVu, right here in Washington DC on H Street, it catered to a completely packed room.

Author, Mother, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host and Motivational Maven KS Lewis led the way as we dove into great topics and saw great clips from the current season.  

Everything from sex to relationships to understanding your mate at full capacity, the range was broad and it allowed us to again see how much we can talk about over a delicious meal.

Love Dish to me is a place you go to, to understand your current situation and circumstance, while also getting ways to make a great meal and really getting the conversation going that alot of us need to have.

The event was a pure success. So much love and support from a packed house.

Guests of the night included Radio Personality Deja Perez, Fashion Guru Leah J, Recording Artist and Reality star Traci Braxton and her husband Mentor, Motivator and Influencer Kevin Surrart, who kept the room entertained as Kevin led the first episode of the season.

All in all is was a great night, successful turnout and an epic experience.

RATING: 10/10

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