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EVENT REVIEW: Martell DC Presents....... 'H.O.M.E. By Martell'

I was given the opportunity to attend another H.O.M.E. By Martell event and I must say I truly enjoyed myself, even more than the last edition. Each experience is totally creative, but always uniquely different which gives for an awesome yet innovative experience.

I was invited to enjoy the experience, but of course my art for wanting to share this with everyone, I had to bring my camera and document what you all do not get to experience and enjoy.

Always held at an exclusive location and given notice of location the day of the event, leaves room for such mystery and I believe this key component is what makes the experience all worthwhile, hints #BeCurious.

Upon entering the premises, your awakened by an elite class of art, everything was art infused and art inspired. From the decor, all the way down to the lighting. There was an elegance to it that made the atmosphere so much more epic. With DJ Stevo on the ones and twos and Recording Artist Wale hosting it, were the cherries on top of this epic night.

Of course with the Martell Experience, you have to have a taste of the amazing cognac. Inspired by Recording Artist Wale music each drink highlighted a dope single;

'Lotus Flower Bomb' , which gave the apple mint taste which mixed amazingly well with the Martell, 'Slight Work', which brought the tangy flare out and made for great mixture with Martell as well,

'My PYT', which was the crowd favorite, gave the Martell a citrus infusion with a dash of spice, and this drink alone had the lines flooded to capacity, the last drink was 'Heart of Desire', which gave a smooth taste, very classic, very suave, very much so Martell.

All the whose who's were in the building to celebrate this epic night of art and creatives. Recording Artists Lyquin, Flex Kartel, Mechie, Breia from Main Girl and Bigs Cooley were in attendance and we even got an amazing acapella from Kenny Sway.

What more could you ask for in this experience, you said food! Well the event had the most amazing food , catered by Kitchen Cray gave us amazing Chicken & Waffles, Delectable mac and cheese and sautéed steak.

The experience yet again was not only unique but Epically amazing. Anwaa Kong who is the lifestyle brand manager here in DC, caters these events and my hats goes off to this brother who clearly pays attention to detail which in facts is the reason why so many rave about Martell DC.

Now the experience cannot be captured by just anybody their is a exclusivity to it which makes for an always guaranteed great night.


Until next time I hope you were able to experience everything through my eyes and I look forward to what new experiences will be captured at future "H.O.M.E. By Martell" events.

I know one thing , it will always be uniquely different from its previous success!

#BeCurious #HomeByMartell #Martell #MartellDC

RATING: 10/10

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