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Tiaira felt the passion for hair since a very early age. Attending Central High School, she learned that there were high schools that offered Cosmetology, that would insure that she graduate with her Cosmetology license. Her junior year of high school, she was selected to enroll in top ranking Bladensburg High School’s Cosmetology Program. She had an immediate and special connection with Ms. Holland, who mentored her into her first salon position (as only a high school junior). Her encouragement helped Tiaira hone her skills, embrace continual education, and prepare for her state boards. Her senior year, she was the first to complete both required state board exams and pass. By the time she was licensed, her career path was set. She continues to pursue her passion through classes, hair shows, and dedicated work with same of the top stylist in the area team. She specializes in Extensions, Styled Hair, Hair Cuts,Natural Hair, Loc Maintenance, and Make up. Tiaira’s trendy hair styles have been featured in Black Hair Magazine. Tiaira has been a hairstylist for 10 years. Currently working at in the Temple Hills area, She is currently looking to open her first salon location June 1st,2018 and is inspired to be a platform artist. Tiaira is available 7 days per week, but on Sundays and Mondays she works by appointment only.

TMP: What is a hairstylist in your definition?

TS: A hairstylist is a artist that makes their clients feel loved through hair, make up and customer service. A hairstylist educates and plays no games when bringing together a look.

TMP: When did you begin in the world of hair?

TS: I started around the age of 10 but started to take it serious in high school.

TMP: How important is hair to you?

TS; Its beyond important. When I see people, all I see is their hair. I express everything through beauty (hair, makeup, nails) I have eczema, and my doctors told me to clear my skin, I need to change my career. 10 years later, I’m still going and I won’t stop.

TMP: Would you considered being a hairstylist as your outlet to showcase your art?

TS: Most definitely, between that and my entertaining career (modeling and choreography) it keeps me stress free. I can not go to long without it. I told my clients I would go on maternity leave a month before my due date, but I didn’t go until a week before and was back at work two weeks later (with him on my back). I felt myself losing something. It just didn’t feel right.

TMP: You do hair and make-up; does it ever get overwhelming?

TS: No, I feel blessed when I’m busy. When I have time to think straight, there is a problem. The more work the better. It keeps my creativity going because I never what to create the same looks.

TMP: What hair textures are you skilled with doing?

TS; Honestly, I can say all hair textures. Being in this industry I told myself from day one I wouldn’t limit myself and now my clientele is balanced with all hair textures.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of hair?

TS: The beauty industry as a whole is in high demand but stylist are losing their value. There are too many what I call “kitchen stylist” out here trying to charge salon pricing and messing up the art of hair and/or make up. Clients don’t even care anymore until its to late. I remember when I first started in the salon, clients would as “Are you licensed?” Now days they don’t care as long as its cheap and quick.

TMP: What is good hair in your definition?

TS: All hair is good hair. Its all in how you treat it. Each person deserves some special love to their hair.

TMP: What is the iSpotBeautyBar experience like?

TS: Its more then a salon visit, it’s a lifestyle and permission to take center stage and be free. I am Spotlight and my clients are the SPOTTEDgang. Once you are in my chair, I am giving you a piece of my spotlight. The idea is what Beyonce is to her beyhive, I am to my SPOTTEDgang and their hair or skin.

TMP: What advice do you give the younger girls who want to be where you are today?

TS: I would tell them to do their research. This business is not easy. You have always stay educated and up to date with the trends. Clients are not your clients, they are free to go to whoever they want. You can’t just do this for the money because you won’t have a promising future in it. It takes a lot of time, tears, struggles and passion.

TMP: What is next for you and your brand?

TS: Its been 10 years and I’m a mom now, so I am currently closing the deal with opening my first salon in the temple hills area. It will be a full services salon and I’m sure it will be something different the DMV area needs. When we have the grand opening, I will also launch my Virgin Extension Line. I am also in school for Mortuary Science so in the next 3-4 years I will be looking forward to opening my first funeral home branch of the Spotlight brand.

TMP: Where can people get in contact with you?

TS: I can be reached by phone or text 2404198631, website ( or social media @spotlight.theartist

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