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The newest attraction has opened it's doors to the DMV. That's right people Studio Six11 is open for business catering the amazing art world of the DMV, Studio Six11 stands as the ultimate performance and event venue and many of the DMV art realm have already crashed the space and the raves are impeccable.

Meet the two dope owners that have made this incredible venue:

Meet Co- Owner Versus Visualz,

(Owner/ Freelance Videographer/ Photographer/ Graphic Designer/ Editor)

World Renowned Videographer, Editor and Photographer, Versus Visualz has been not only the staple in the DMV, but the entertainment landscape as a whole Nationally. With shooting visuals for over 1,000 artists and Brands Including Recording Artist and National Superstar Rico Nasty.

Versus Visualz created his video production company with the primary focus of producing promotional videos for web and broadcast advertisement for small to medium sized companies.

With a background in developing and producing commercials, music, corporate and product videos, writing scripts, building graphics, and filming as a whole, has led him to the dynamic forefront of the Video World.

His work has led him into the realms of Assisting on short films, reality TV, and Celebrity photo shoots, including work as a videographer, grip, sound tech, and editor for TV Network production companies and photographers. All doing this while keeping the memory of his sister Dasia Redd-London Dior alive of which he dedicates his work and ethic to the continuous of her legacy. Now with the creation of Studio Six11, this new realm opens the door for the amazing talent to manifest and create the mogul empire.

Meet Co-Owner Anthony Tilghman,

Anthony Tilghman, the founder of Anthony Tilghman Enterprises, is an experienced photographer and entrepreneur with years of experience in media photography, marketing, branding and advertising. He is a lead photographer for several corporate organizations and has created partnerships with large and household-name organizations. Known for his strong and precise attention-to-detail as well as his strong work ethic, he has shot at many high-profile events including the Presidential Inauguration, the Academy Awards, and the Grammy Awards. His work has also been featured in major media outlets, such as the Huffington Post and Fox-5. Before starting his journey in photography, he led a career in marketing and advertising with the prestigious Metro Media firm after high school. As a part of the Metro Media team, he helped high-profile clients such as major television networks with their public relations and advertising needs.

Like the shutter of a camera, his true passion for photography and his awareness of a new way to create value in the business world clicked one day. He realized that he could pursue photography to help meet a new and crucial business need that was created by the rise of social media.

As a photographer, he sought to help his clients build a strong brand identity through photography which is now more important than ever for successful marketing.

His career catapulted to success as he formed partnerships with major companies, including TV-One and Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce in Maryland. His professional experience continued to flourish as his attention-to-detail and his commitment to excellence led him to becoming a featured photographer for exclusive events including NY Fashion Week, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Presidents Dinner, WEEN (Women in Entertainment Network) and the 2013 Inauguration.

With a talent for taking photos with the utmost precision, he is now leading photography for corporate organizations and has built a strong portfolio of work that has been featured on major media news-outlets including Essence Magazine, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Fox-5 and TV-One.

As an entrepreneur with a restless heart and a passion for innovation, he also has extensive experience in branding, marketing and radio. He has helped companies such as Pante, Redken, and Canon find new ways to make their marketing more effective. His ability to be a strong communicator has led him to getting involved with DMV Community Radio which supports the community and features hosts, musicians, actors and actresses who share their experiences over the internet airwaves.

Through his work, Anthony Tilghman continues to live out his dreams every day. He built his reputation on a foundation of high-quality work, excellent customer service and expertise. Having worked with major clientele and with his work featured on major outlets nationwide, he continues to strive for more every day and with his New Venture Studio Six11 a photography & video studio.


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