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June 3, 2019

 The Midnite BBQ gave us more than just delicious food, but it gave us ART in full 4D form.................


May 25th, 2019 the southeast region of Washington, DC enjoyed a day full of food, music, culture, dance, art & fashion. Held at the newest attraction Gateway Pavilion catered to an atmosphere full of creativity. Some of the nation's top talent in clothes, music, and culinary made their way to this epic event which had the city buzzing months in advance.



Created by thriving Millennial 

Social Influencers 

Lamine Ndour and 

Loren Glass, who had a passion for pushing the food world forward while creating an experience for the art realm like no other.





We arrived at 6 pm and the fun began immediately. We saw everyone from WKYS's Little Bacon Bear and DJ Money to WPGC's Poet (who happened to be on an amazing womens panel) alongside BET's own Gia Peppers and Executive Producer and Legend Kim Osorio.









The event geared to captivating the art world scene here in the DMV while meshing it in the lines of food and music, and we all know,

we love some food and some good music!


HERE'S a look at my epic night



This year's line up featured Aluna Geroge, Keys N Krates, Melii, Saweetie, Shallou, Nore, Grits & Biscuits and our very Own Backyard Bard and MORE!


 If you could sum up the event in three words, they would go as followed; CULTURE, FUN & FREEDOM.





The event featured not only amazing talents of music, but amazing talents of those behind the music and showased their skills on various panels.












Gia Peppers


 Take a look at more of what you missed;




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