Have you heard of MAYA MILAN???

September 20, 2019


Maya, Maya, Maya.................


Ms. Milan if your nasty, you get the pun joke, because she gives the essence of Janet, with the wit of Ashanti and the power presence of Beyonce all wrapped in one. I must say this lady had a Hot Girl Summer and she debuted in a major way.




I got the chance to attend her Premiere Party for her new show "Next Big Thing" which aired on BET, thats right BET. The series saw a collection of amazing talents across the country competing to be the NEXT BIG THING.




Of course our girl slayed the season, competition after competition and came out with a record deal from Capitol Records. The event was just a definition of how important Maya Milan has become here in the DMV and how much of a music staple she has attributed as well. The event captured her in her true essence and its like watching a Cinderella story unfold in front of your eyes because her hard work is now paying off.




Take a look at the entire event below;





























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