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Amir Obè had us Drunk off Courvoisier, should we blame Def Jam?

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Amir Obè. A Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Producer hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

Currently sweeping the country and music game by storm, has made his way to the DMV and of course The Media Prince had to meet him and see what he was all about.

Currently signed to Def Jam Records, he is biding to set the music world ablaze. As part of the “Amplified: Icons on the Rise,” we got a taste of exactly who he is. In partnership with Courvoisier, them and Def Jam Recordings created their first-ever partnership.

 As part of the Partnership, Courvoisier has become Def Jam’s exclusive spirit (alcohol) partner to establish a music platform, “Amplified: Icons on the Rise,” that includes an event series featuring dope showcases that celebrate a new era of musical artists through concert series and other promotions. Artists include Valee, Arlissa, Amir Obè and Bobby Sessions (pictured below, left to right).

Amir Obè had the crowd rocking and it was dope to see him in his element and his music was definitely appeasing to the ears. You can tell exactly why Def Jam is putting so much effort behind him and I believed the DMV listeners could agree.

Held at the beloved Ivy City Smokehouse, saw all the top whose who's of the music and entertainment circuit in DMV all in one room. If you missed it, you missed out on some amazing talent, but look below and see what you missed;

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