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Meet Recording Artist RAADKiiiD$, hailing from the DMV, this eclectic musician brings together the sounds of R&B, alternative and hip hop.

Releasing two back to back EPs crossing sounds and genres, you get a taste of why this brother will be well on his way in the music industry. Both EP's out now on United Masters, Apple Music & Spotify are geared with everything you want to hear from a new artist.

I sat down with him and we talked his career and his new music, enjoy below:

TMP: When did you begin music?

RK: I began making music around 2011-2012 time frame at the end of high school.

TMP: What type of music inspires you?

RK: The music that inspires me is oldies but goodies, r&b, alternative rock and hip hop.

TMP: Who are some of your musical influences?

RK: Some of my influences would be The Weeknd, Kanye, Young Thug, Pierre and Future.

TMP: How would you describe your sound?

RK: I would say a mix between r&b, alternative and hip hop.

TMP: For a new listener what are your top 5 songs that you would immediately want them to listen to?

RK: my top songs that I’ll recommend are “Miii$$Marriiinterlude”, “melatoniiin” “permiii$$iiion”, “RiiiPriiince” and this song comes out May 1, 2021 “Be$tiiie”.

TMP: What are you learning about yourself as an artist?

RK: The thing that I’m learning as an artist is that I can’t please everyone, so do what makes me happy.

TMP: That's an excellent motto to live by.

TMP: What mood do you have to be in to create music

RK: I don’t really have to be in a certain mood but when I get the feeling to making music , it’s almost like an impulse.

TMP: Where can people follow you and find you?


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