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Gia Peppers is taking us to HEALED TOWN!

Gia Peppers has become quite the feat of this beautiful thing we call Black Art. The epic bombshell from the Nations Capital has conquered the media world and is still breaking new barriers and creating new avenues; layman's term “She is doing what needs to be done”!

Her newest endeavor, is a podcast, now I know you are probably like doesn’t she already have podcasts out already? The answer is yes, but this new baby is all hers and all her own. Healed Girl Era is a new fresh perspective of tackling the arena of being healed and the journey to get there. So many stories, so many testimonies, so many pictures being painted that take us on a drive of self discovery, love, peace, understanding, Healing & Humanity!

The beautiful thing about Gia Peppers that resonates with so many of us is that she is 100% authentic in her journey of taking us with her on the highs, but also allowing us in on the lows. She is down right relatable and this new avenue shows just why we look to her for unpacking and thats because she exudes comfort, ease and peace.

Her premiere episode features the Icon Kelly Rowland, the grammy award winner upacks her journey and shares gems that will help put the puzzle pieces together in some of our journey's.

I, like others are very excited to see where this new podcast takes us and what insightful new journeys we will be apart of.

RATING: 10/10

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