Meet Langston Vincent: The man behind "The Media Prince"

Langston Vincent, how do you sum, who he really is? He's definitely on the brink of something great in the areas of Music, Fashion, Politics & Art as a whole. I'm from Washington, D.C., as some call it the chocolate city. I have always been different and look at the world as such. I am a poet, a writer, a visionist(might have made up this word), and now a word creator lol! I enjoy things that are creative and exciting, I enjoy fashion that moves people, music the shakes people, and political platforms that scares people. I have a background in PR, Politics, Administration & Music. I worked for the UrbanInformer (subcategory of 93.9 WKYS FM) where I was an Album Review Editor. I rated the albums according to sound, feel, and general impact. I have always loved music from contemporary to Urban, I've always had an ear for what was hot and as I have gotten older, I realized how much music really influences everyday life. 


The mission with this blog is to connect the lines between ART as a whole. It has not been done before and I am here to show the connection of ALL ART. ART can be anything, it does not have one face and art in itself should be celebrated and understood for its uniqueness. I hope to inspire those ears and eyes that can see and hear the lines of ALL ART, hope you enjoy!!!!! 

Meet "The Media Prince"

The Media Prince, LLC is an International Journalist and Media Specialist showcasing Art of all FACETS throughout the world. Internationally known for his work in showcasing the dopest, most creative work from all areas of art: from fashion, music, politics, athletics, Disk Jockeys, painters, poets, you name it, if there is an art to it, then The Media Prince will cover it.


With a degree in Journalism, PR & Marketing and a Minor in Music, The Media Prince holds the bar high in showcasing innovative works that go from Celebrity clientele to Up and coming. Credited with endless writing pieces, his work stems from The Washington Post, HBCU Buzz, Pride Magazine, Blank Canvas Magazine, WKYS 93.9 FM & The UrbanInformer, while Interviewing some of the biggest Celebrities out, from Lonnie Love (The Real Daytime Talk Show), Jawn Murray (Radio & TV Personality, Coco Jones (Actress & Recording Artist), Ginuwine (Recording Artist), Angela Simmons (Fashion Designer & Star of Growing Up Hip Hop), Corr Kendricks (Recording Artist and Star of Empire) and Danielle Moné Truitt (Actress & Star of BET 'Rebel').


Currently known in over 25 countries with a following well over 180K , The Media Prince is dedicated to promoting the arts and shedding light on the amazing talents this world has to offer.


Brigette White



is a fierce international multi platform journalist and storyteller based in the DMV. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Topic Studio Photography founded in 2012. She has celebrity clients ranging from Polish Supermodels to the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Brigette can operate a Sony FS7 video kit in addition to her still cameras. She is a member of Women Photograph, the Newswomen's Club of DC, and is trained in battlefield first-aid after two hostile environment training sessions for journalists. Passport, Maryland State press credentials and camera ready, Brigette is available for assignments worldwide. Track her whereabouts in and outside assignments on Instagram


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