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NEW MUSIC ALERT : Trendsetter

Rapper Trendsetter was born Quran Ali Muhammad Swiggett on August 11, 1990. Trendsetter, originally born in Chester, Pa moved to the nations capital Washington DC at age 11. Moving around like a hippie was the norm for him due to his parents split when he was just 3 years old. It was hard for him and things were about to get worse.

Relocating to the Chocolate City aka "murder cap" at the time was rough. City flooded with violence, sex, and drugs no one was safe. Trendsetter tried playing sports but was distracted by homes issues of drug and physical abuse by his step father Nashid Sudan which left him depress and in foster care. The cold streets of DC influenced Trendsetter to sell drugs and commit other crimes to survive. During these times he found music to be his religion while going through the struggle of everyday life in the hood.

Trendsetter father, Hassan Swiggett was hardly ever in his life. Ambition to get money, fuck bitches, and survive on the streets of Chester, PA were his pops goals. Even though poppa was a rolling stone he made sure his kids stayed close to one another and pressed the importance on building a bond with eachother. His mother, Nidirah Sudan took care of him & his 3 other siblings the best she could juggling her addiction for love and crack cocaine who her husband Nashid introduced her to.

Jay Z at the time was in his prime. One of Trendsetter idols, he often mocked. He was amazed how jay z rap with wicked flows and spit self consciously lyrics that summarized his life. He just knew he wanted to be a rapper & with lots of practice nobody could stop him.

Trendsetter currently resides in North East Baltimore, MD mcCabe area. Where he met Surviver CEO of Family And Music. The genius of trendsetter and surviver art will put you on your seats. With nothing to lose but so much to gain these two put it all on the line. So sit back and enjoy the show!


--- folllow @trendsetterq on Instagram for more music

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