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I had the pleasure of attending the 1st Annual Outtheboxx Fashion Show Saturday @ Capitale. I must say I was very impressed, well put together pieces, great entertainment and great drinks of course. I had the pleasure of seeing the designer ANGELA ROSS behind the scenes and understanding her views and aspirations both with her fashions and those that are trending today.

MediaPrince: What inspired the collection?

Angela: The collection was inspired by what I feel is the lacking of female clothing brands that are versatile and simply chic. So many times I feel as though a little too much was put into the design. I think often times these brands/stores try so hard to create something different and new that they kind of overdo some of the pieces. There is only so much you can do to a pair of distressed jeans before its time for you to have a seat. MP: How long did it take to make the collection?

Angela: This collection took me about a good 6-7 months to complete. There were so many pieces I sketched that didn't make the cut. Choosing which ones to present in the collection was the hard part, especially since I am a perfectionist. MP: The first kickoff was great, how do you feel this event has prepared you for the next?

Angela: So just like life you learn through trial and error. So now I feel as though I am better prepared to make the 2nd Annual Fashion Show the ultimate "be there or be square" type of event. Also, it has allowed me to put one show under my belt and gives me spec of credibility as well as introduce me to tons of amazing contacts that would be beneficial in helping me gain brand recognition. MP: Who are you inspired by in fashion?

Angela: Some of my biggest inspirations are noted fashion icons such as Rihanna, Ciara, & Kaurruche. I absolutely adore their styles. MP: How do you set your clothing apart?

Angela: I wasn't really sure in the beginning how to answer this question and of course wanted something that sounded good. But honestly, all I want to do is design clothing that is versatile and chic. Too often when shopping for an outfit, I see a piece and I am like "Ooooh that's cute, but why did they add this flare", or I don't like fabric print (and this is often a mutual feeling among my friends). So I want to keep it kind of simple and live by one of my favorite quotes "There is beauty in simplicity". One of the other things that sets my brand apart is the constant interaction we have with our customers, its more than just clothing we are offering. We are throwing events so we can closely listen in on customer base on what is that they want from us, not only product wise but to build that trust. & then thirdly, we just want to show our customers and fans a great time (by having different events) as well as provide them with prime networking habitats.

Where can you garments be found?

Garments can be found on our site and will be available as early as in 3 weeks. MP: What advice do you give to that younger girl who wants to be where you are?

Angela: Plan,plan and plan. Get you 1 really cute notebook and write all of your ideas in that one notebook. You need to sort out your ideas and see what makes sense and what would be the best play to help you achieve your goal. Also, seek help. You cannot do this alone no matter how bad you want to and that was something hard for me to do. I have always been the "I got", do it myself type of girl but in order get where I want to be I have to allow the advice and assistance of others. MP: Whats next for outtheboxx?

Angela: So we are definitely planning a tour for the upcoming Fall 2016 season and deciding on the location for our 2nd Annual Fashion Show which is exciting, because I am toying on the idea of taking this to another city. MP: What impression do you want your clothes to leave?

Angela: When people see these clothes I want them to get that "I've got to have it" type of feel. I want people to feel as though the quality of the brand and price point are parallel.

Check out designs below;

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