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FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Chance Pierre(Athousandlooks)

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Chance Pierre (Athousandlooks) was born & raised in Jersey city, NJ Chance is an entrepreneur. Chance is a self taught stylist & personal shopper in my free time. 2017 I will be running for Mayor.

"Athousandlooks is a brand itself. I have been creating and revamping looks since the second grade, which has been captivating people attention since that's what made me the stylist & shopper. What is next to come will be designs by me I don't have an exact release month but this year 2015 for sure. So be on #thelookout or should I say #thelook'N ." - Chance Pierre

" Fashion changes but style remains in it's own lane. Pharell & Lenny kravitz are my favorite stylish men.

What sets me apart is that I dress with feeling & character. I wear my outfit in my face and my stance." - Chance Pierre

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