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Artist Spotlight: Scott Lasalle

MediaPrince: You just had a great performance, how did it feel to connect with your peers and fans?

Scott Laselle: The connection with the fans was genuine, most of those people know the inspiration behind my music and those particular songs performed, so it really hit home for that selected group and I could tell by the crowd's reaction.

MP: How do you prepare for showcases?

SL: Preparation varies upon the situation. It all depends on the venue, expected crowd, location and the overall environment. Regardless of any situation I always at the least have a game plan on how I will differentiate myself from the next artist and make sure I'm some what sober for my set.

When can we expect new music?

MP: What can we expect new music?

SL: Thursday, September 3rd I will be releasing my 25/7 MixTape hosted by DJ Torch. Available on Spinrilla and Soundcloud. After that you may see me featured with a few artist, along with music videos based off the 25/7 Tape.

MP: What can we expect from the new music?

SL: What you can expect from 25/7 is endless lyrical flows, club bangers, street athems, cleaver saying; all while delivering a rare perspective of truth. You'll definitely find features from some well known DMV Artist such as LightShow, Top Dolla Sweizy, PWild, Fame Reek, Flex Kartel and a few members from my RETROLife Family. Collectively this tape puts that chip on your shoulder after hearing this you going want to do some shit. Especially if your from where I'm from.

MP: What inspires you?

SL: I grab inspiration from anything. It can be from something as light hearted as a cartoon or comedic bit to something serious like the Trayvon Martin case or betrayal. As far as the industry goes, I'm inspired by other artists' energy like a Travis Scott or ASAP Rocky sometimes i find myself zoning out to their vibes, smoking a blunt and thinking bout my next move.

MP: What is your take on music today?

SL: Music today is FAKE as FUCK!!! Sike naw I think music is more open today then anytime. Its always been about that connection between artist and listener so its kinda kool with all these applications and new technology that gives the consumer unlimited access to all types of music.

MP: What music influences you today?

SL: Right now I been bumping some old Nas and that Straight Outta Compton movie gave me some inspiration. Yea i been on my 90's kit lately.

MP: When is the next showcase?

SL: We are planning another 25/7 party for September 18th but its not set in stone yet. Honestly just stay tuned on my or team's Instagrams (@scottLasalle or @retrolifemusic ) I'll be doing Pure Lounge soon too.

MP: is there a future RetroLife project coming soon?

SL: As far as my group is concerned get ready for that Laugh Forever Fuck Crying 2. Yours truly featuring the whole Retrolife Family. Freebase and I are working on the Production as we speak. Its not dropping till the Spring so everybody got time to listen to the 1st one, thats on

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