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DJ of the Month : DJ Torch

Timothy Wilson, known as DJ Torch, seems to be a new found production tool for the growing musical talents in the Washington, DC area.

“It was never intended to be my DJing name,” Timothy says. It first originated when referring to the types of cannabis him and neighborhood friends would run across, categorizing the very finest of it “torch.” The word “torch,” had been adjectively used by Timothy, along with neighborhood friends, when referring to the finest of anything; lyrics, melodies, beat, even sometimes referring to females and other substances. DJ Torch, 23 years old, was born and raised in Riggs Park, a residential neighborhood in the north east region of Washington, DC.

Not only operating as a Club DJ, DJ Torch is also a Mixtape DJ, A&R/Song Composer and Radio Personality deeming him to be a one-of-a-kind gift to his city. Teaming up with childhood friend Nathaniel Thorne who is owner of Asauna Music, LLC, DJ Torch plans to start a new trend in music for the metropolitan area.

DJ Torch has been working with a lot of underground DC artist such as MikeBrownDaCzar, Tokyo Daimo, WoeMane, Diego Cheeks, Prince Peezy, Illy Cartier, BordaBoyz, Uptown Pacco, Airport Tone, Freddie P, TUNENation, JussdaRookie, Thraxxx, Missy Love, Wh0he, Snypa B, 2DollarWashingtons, DBMG, CBE, YSE, AllisonEnt, Que Papi, Becky, HallofFameWorm, LaniFlaze, DoughMoneyy and many more. He also worked with a number of producers as well such as MrInkredibleBeatz, Fortune Beatz, DonnGottiDidDat, KP Mastermind, WonkaBeatz, J5, Midas, EmajorThePro and more all at Papi's House Studio.

So far DJ Torch has released two collaborations singles from scratch, singlehandedly teaming up a variety of producers and artists of the District of Columbia together on a single track. Debut exclusives are “P.L.U.G,”includes features by local artists Tokyo Daimo, Airport Tone, and WoeMane and “Brown Phoenix,” which was produced by local producer Mr. IncredibleBeats which features local artist DreemySuave and Fat Trel.

Lately, DJ Torch has been working on his two latest project named, Who Got Smoke?: Volume 1” "The Best Of Mike Brown Da Czar" debuting February 22nd, 2015 & "Put In Your Speakerz: Volume 4" debuting March 1st 2015 where he plans to demonstrate his DJ crafting and song composing songs for his premier album coming Winter 2015. Be on the lookout for more information soon.

DJ Torch has started a new trend in the DMV area with his popular DMV compilation series called Put This In Yo Speakerz. The first of DMV Compilations in general. So far, DJ Torch has released 6 projects, which includes Put This In Yo Speakerz Vol 1, 2, & 3 and hosted 3 mixtape projects different local underground artist; Faded By Prince Peezy, Beast Mode By Diego Cheeks, and Gilcember 3 By TUNE R.E.; "links are available below". Since December 6th, 2014, DJ has picked up the pace in the music world averaging two Mixtapes per months . All mixtapes was released online at The mixtapes are all sponsored by spinrilla.

Put This In Yo Speakerz Volume 1

Put This In Yo Speakerz Volume 2: Ladies Nite Edition

Put This In Yo Speakerz Volume 3

Put This In Yo Speakerz Volume 4

Who Got Smoke? "The Best Of Mike Brown Da Czar"

Faded By Prince Peezy Hosted By DJ Torch

Beast Mode 2 By Diego Cheeks Hosted By DJ Torch

Gilcember 3 By TUNE RE Hosted By DJ Torch

FreeMindGuerrillas By Snypa B & Mike Brown Da Czar Hosted By DJ Torch

As the music industry continues to grow in the area, DJ Torch will soon become the top premier DJ in DC, Maryland, & Virginia.

Be sure to stay tuned for more DJ Torch Exclusives on Spinrilla, AudioMack, SoundCloud and YouTube to stay hip to new exclusives from DJ Torch.

For Booking, Hit Up:

Instagram: @worldfamousdjtorch,


Twitter: @djtorchamg

Facebook: @Torch TorchUp


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