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DJ Spotlight : DJ Torch

DJ TORCH is currently the DJ of the month, he is raving all over town and fans want to know more about him, check out the interview below to get a better sense of Timothy Wilson a.k.a DJ Torch.

Media Prince: What inspired you to join the world of music?

DJ Torch: Music has always been a passion in my life from the go-go to hip-hop. I remember back when I was about 11 and 12 I was that young dude that had all the music on my computer and people use to come load up their iPod to my drive, MP3 player, or burn a mix cd. We use to have this website called Gogo central and limewire the app that crashed endless computers but I use to download everything go-go, rap, R&B, rock, instrumentals, oldies but goodies almost everything and the book and I kept my peers updated with music.

MP: What type of music attracts you?

DJ: Music that I can relate to grabs my attention also the creativity of the producer and artist. My all time favorite genre (trap music) a form of hip-hop and rap music to be exact because it fit the era I grew up in and it related to everything that was going in my environment.

MP: What is the biggest misconception about DJ's?

DJ: The biggest misconception about DJs are the fact that people think all a DJ do is play records in the clubs. When a DJ can play multiple roles in the music industry such as song composing, producing, a&r records, host mixtapes, clubs, and radio shows and more depending on there type of branding. For example I am An artist DJs, I actually have my own, my own website, TV show on the way, #1 In hosting Mixtapes in my city, DJ artist events, Host Popular Clubs and the will continue to grow but it's limitless.

MP: Where do you want to be in the next five years?

DJ: In five years, I expect to have a successful six-figure company that has profitable partnerships throughout the entire DMV and knowledge of DJ Torch and his works spreaded across the media of the world.

MP: All your mixtapes have gained great acclaim, how do keep yourself outside the box?

DJ: I keep myself outside the box by always looking for different and new talents that need exposure . Even though trap music is my favorite and Is what I primarily promote I always research other artist, promoters, and producers in other genres for more ideas, creativity, and what's important when making money.

MP: What is next for DJ Torch?

DJ: Expanding DJ Torch's awareness and network is the next thing for Torch. Traveling to different states and cities promoting the Torch up lifestyle and selling/giving merchandise out the public. this includes items such as business cards, lighters, pens, t-shirts, sweats, and etc. also DJ ️Torch is launching a premier website called and Interview TV series called Torch TV.

MP: What advice would you give the younger boy who is watching and wants to do what you do?

DJ: You can do anything you can put your mind to even if it's out the mud. All you got to do is Torch up.

MP: Many do not know that behind the DJ you have a strong background in education, how important is it to do the research for being in this profession?

DJ: Honestly, I researched three people before I dived in the DJing Field. I research DJ Drama, DJ Khaled, & DJ Run DMC and I made up my own way of how I was gonna work with the artist and producers of my city And the rest was on me.

MP: What inspires DJ Torch?

DJ: All The youth of throughout the world that strive for greatest inspires. Not only that I am making history from out the mud and that something nobody can give you. I had to pave a way for this and I did and this is just the beginning.

MP: What else can we expect from the DJ Torch Brand?

DJ: You can expect the most because my city is torching up all around.

MP: You do not just stop at music, you have a clothing line as well correct?

DJ: It's not really a clothing line per-say, it is a advertising strategy that has made my DJ brand stand out from the rest. No other DJs are doing what I am doing and that is safe to say

MP: Where can your music and garments be found?

DJ Torch: All music and videos can be found on these apps and websites,,,, and MyMixtapez app.

Far as Torch Up Gear, you can hit me or my manager tony b on Instagram



Until merchandise website is up called

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