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Every now and then, there comes along an artist that has a peculiar mix of the unknown and the familiar. This precise mixture comes in the form of the energetic artist known as Farren “StadiumP” Perry. Hailing from the small town of Harleyville, South Carolina, Stadium began his journey in as a rapper at a very pivotal point in his life. Growing up around violence and drugs was commonplace in his household until his grandparents took him in and removed him from that harsh environment at an early age. Stadium found away to channel that reality into his music. At the age of 19, he lost his mother to her long battle wit the drug crack cocaine. This pain and influence is what gives Stadium P an edgeover his competition in music. Those qualities turned into a thriving hunger to be a more well trained and successful entertainer. Stadium P’s Street Album entitled, “IND2” produced by Dj Burn One was released this past spring powered by Platinum Woodwurk Entertainment. With the support from his hometown of Harleyville, SC, Stadium P is on a pace to gain the respect of the music industry. The lead single,“Deep End” on "Independence Day 2" has already caught the ear of key industry veterans and dj’s across the country. Global Spin nominee and SEA Award winner for #1 Dj in The South, DJ B-Lord, has already shown support and stamped “Deep End” as the club smash of the year.

MEDIAPRINCE: What inspires you to do music?

STADIUMP: My Family & The situation I came from, that's what gives me the motivation to keep pushing and never give up.

MP: What is your current view on the state of music today?

SP: I think music is at a great place right now, but its always changing. I think thats what we need. Its so many different types of music, You got trap, Bubblegum trap and soulful Music. Then you got what we Call, Just Good Music, you know, like what I Do (Lol)! #welcm2theDreamersSection

MP: What is the biggest misconception about going into the music industry?

SP: You have to rap about drugs or be a Trap Rapper to make it or be accepted by the Masses. That's one of the Biggest I've seen. In order for an artist to stay true to themselves, they have to think outside the box and be different if need be.

MP: Who influences you in music?

SP: J Cole, KDot, Big Krit, ScottyAtl. The message they rap about, it's really something I can feel feel and relate to.

MP: How does StadiumP keep himself apart from others?

SP: I always find myself trying different things with music, from sounds to production and art work. I'm always trying to be different.

MP: Is it ever overwhelming when trying to perfect your craft?

SP: Nah, I think taking one song at a time and taking a different approach for each one & relax. Lol

MP: What advice do you have for the young boy who want to follow in your footsteps?

SP: Follow your Dreams Represent the Possibility...Never give up when someone shoots you down. Stand up and keep it moving to prepare for something better. #welcm2theDreamersSection

MP: What is next for StadiumP?

SP: Ep Album called Dreams is in progress But right now its all bout IND2 Hosted & Produced x Dj Burnone

MP:Where can your music be found?

SP: LiveMixtapes, Stadium P Youtube, Stadium P Soundcloud & Stadium P

MP: How can your fans connect with you?


T: @Stadium_P

IG: @StadiumP

MP: How does StadiumP want to be remembered?

SP: As the One who inspired the people to go get it and never gave up!

MP: How do you want listeners to feel after hearing you?


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