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Meshing together ‘true identity’ and passion for music, four talented emcees out of the DMV, will prove to be a formula for success in the music industry.

The lyrical group The Metro Cartel consists of four members, who go by the names of: Ivin the Terrorable, B.I.G. Fella, Sir Charlz, & Duck Lo. The only common denominator between the quad-rap group’s formation would be the college they attended together, Johnson C. Smith University and their hometown, Washington D.C. Now, the four members push forward with consistent moves and efforts in the independent music scene. One random act, of bringing together freestyle artists on campus to a cypher event, formed the idea of creating a team of strictly lyricists ready to conquer the underground music industry.

Individual and collaborative tracks began being pushed throughout the college’s email system, and a fan base quickly began to form. Mixtape projects were created, singles were released, and local venue performances helped brand the group in the early stages of their careers. Continuing to build an impressive online presence and portfolio, the group worked consistently on building a brand, performing their own efforts of marketing, distribution and networking, while indulging in heavy college course responsibilities. When The Metro Cartel is composing music, releasing conscious stories combined with lyrical content is pretty much their aim. The Metro Cartel defines good music as, “the ability to lyrically paint pieces that can influence the emotions of a human being by having the power to change that person’s mood.”

The Metro Cartel makes it their priority to touch all bases of human emotions, whether it’s to uplift or provoke thoughts inside of a listener’s mind. Identity and individuality remain at the top of the group’s goals – while reflecting on the reality of their environment. With the media tarnishing the character of their culture, you can always count on The Metro Cartel to shine light on the positive through their poetically conversational sound.

Follow on IG: @TheMetroCartel @DuckLo10G @WalkinSIMCard

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