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"My names Peri, also known as “Peri X” and I’m 23 years old. I’m Turkish Cypriot but born and raised in South East London, UK. I graduated 2 years ago from the University of Cumbria with a first bachelor honours degree in performing arts. Since then I worked for a year at my aunts restaurant then left to pursue music full time. through this I met some amazing people along my journey and now I am a part of an amazing arts collective called “CNO”. This collective consists of 4 rappers, 1 producer/singer and myself the only female singer of the group. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such talent that these boys have and how great they are to me."

MEDIA PRINCE: When did you begin doing music?

PERI X: So I began singing around the age of 5 and up until the age of 16 I taught myself. I had singing lessons for about 6 months just to learn all the technical aspects of singing e.g. breathing and warm ups, then went back to teaching myself. At the age of 14 I started recording in many different studios and getting used to how my voice sounded through a computer, and ever since I have worked on perfecting my talent and working on my sound.

MP: What inspired you to pursue music?

PX: For me music is a way of escaping reality and finally being heard, I think that’s what inspired me to continue my journey for music. Also all the set backs growing up from people saying “Its too competitive Peri you will never get there.“ I’m a competitive and determined person so a challenge for me is something very exciting. On the other hand I also had the most supportive parents and immediate family and friends that still to this day do all they can to help with my journey. So I guess I don’t only do it for me, I do it for them.

MP: What elements do you look for when it comes to creating music?

PX: First things first, I couldn’t make music I wouldn’t personally sit down and vibes to. If I’m not feeling the track, I wont pursue it. Its very important to me that I like my own music. Another element I look for is that both men and women can listen to my music, there are most certainly tracks that apply to the women more, being a woman its easier to reach out to them. However in general I think its good to target your audience as a mixed audience and not a set type.

MP: What is your view on the current state of music?

PX: Well considering I’m from the UK, im going to comment on the music over here. As It stands I don’t think there are many female RnB artists doing it for the UK and that are main stream. A lot of us singers are hidden underground, so I think that needs to be addressed, we need to bring some soul back. In terms of UK artists, I believe we are really coming up better than ever before. We have artists working with the likes of Drake, Rick Ross, Wiz etc.. we are finally bridging the gap between UK and US music. Its really refreshing to hear that we are being noticed more and given the same chances.

MP: How do you keep yourself on your toes in relation to creating something totally yours?

PX: Creating something completely original is almost impossible when you have so many influences, you end up using a melody or a rhythm pattern that’s similar to something you like. In terms of lyrics, I like to go out and make memories and experience new things just so I can write about them and to me that’s always creating something new. If you don’t experience anything, there’s not really much to write about that hasn’t already been written about.

MP: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

PX: Stay consistent! that’s my advice to anyone, anywhere, doing anything. Always stay consistent because people will notice someone that’s doing a lot to be noticed. If you are always releasing new music, videos, covers etc, people will notice you because they don’t have a choice not to, your everywhere. Also, never give up on your dream. The set backs in this industry are so real and brutal, but you have to keep pushing for what you believe in, and to do this you need to believe in yourself. Another piece of advice I would give that’s helped me is to always connect with new people in the industry. Go to magazine events, ep launches, go everywhere that you feel you could meet new people, because all it takes is for you to meet that one person who believes in you just as much and will invest in you. You never know where you might meet them!

MP: How do you want the listeners to feel after hearing your music?

PX: I want my listeners to feel how I felt when it was written, all the different emotions you go through. it’s the sadness of the truth behind the sad songs, it’s the sexiness behind the sexy songs, it’s the wavyness behind the upbeat songs and it’s the excitement for completing the songs and enjoying your own music. I want them to relate to the sadness, I want them to be on a wave, and I want them to be excited for me, but mostly for the music.

MP: Would you consider your music as your personal form of art?

PX: Most definitely. As a singer many people expect you to also be able to play an instrument, my answer is always “my voice is my instrument, I like to have one so I can perfect it!” I wish I could play an actual instrument, but I just feel I was given a voice for a reason, so I should work on finding out that reason.

MP: What is next for you?

PX: I have a video coming out very soon titled “Juliet & Romeo” and then an ep to follow. The ep isn’t quite finished yet just have a couple more songs to record and finish up then we are ready for release! Its all very exciting, I cant wait for people to finally hear my music and my sound. I hope to then perform around London, get my name out there even more, then onto the next project. Consistency!

MP: Where can your music be found?

PX: So you can find CNO’s music on this is the main one so far I have all my material on and all the other amazing artists of CNO, so please please check it out! For just my own personal music, it can be found on there will be more music to come once the video and the ep has been released. Also you can find some of our videos on you tube under I hope you enjoy!

MP: Are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

PX: I sure am, my face book fan page is, my instagram is “perixcno” and my twitter page is “PERIxCNO”. Please follow me for updates on what im working on, and to hear the material once its released.

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